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Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor

I often come across fellow sex workers tweeting about wanting to quit their vanilla job, but needing it for the insurance. Since we do not technically qualify as “employees” of the platforms we use to sell our content or stream on, we are tasked with finding insurance on our own. This is very limiting to what plans we qualify for and even in most cases the time frame we have available to enroll.

This is because you are an independent contractor, or 1099 worker. Due to business regulations, companies are not required to provide 1099 workers with benefits. As some health insurance companies won’t accept them in a group business plan. Without boring you of all the technical terms, legalities and bullshit I’ll explain the issue with our insurance enrollment in a way that makes more sense.

Most major medical coverage companies do not have year round enrolling, meaning there is a window of time that we call Open Enrollment. If you miss that window, 11/1-12/15 you must wait until fall of the next year for the new enrollment period. Many miss this small window due to unforeseen circumstances and believe they have no other options. 


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As a stripper and webcam model of 14 years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about the industry. One thing that was apparent from the beginning was how very few places had our best interests in mind. I started succexxxful (pronounced successful just a lil spicier) as a "How To" content based site to answer questions, and changed direction when I realized how I could truly help. By offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance information and resources I’ve created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure and educated.

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