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Why Toys Off Amazon Are Dangerous

Why Toys Off Amazon are Dangerous

As one of the most popular ecommerce sites for online sex workers, Amazon has been able to tap into that market easily with the wishlist. On nearly every cammodels page you can find a link to one. Many have sex toys on their lists and are unaware of where they are actually coming from. Most don’t think about how Amazon actually works before they add it for purchase.

Please note that this may not be the case for every single toy on the site, but I’ve accumulated a good 10+ by now and nearly every time came up on the same issue. Faulty product, seemingly cheap material or just flat out not what I ordered. There’s an explanation for that.

Not only is Amazon notorious for counterfeit products but there are also many reported cases of people receiving their toys, are you ready? USED. There have been many accounts of fake toys that aren’t actually the brand name being advertised. Because of the way Amazon handles their merchandise products can be delivered that don’t belong to the specific seller you bought from. Third party sellers need not be authorized by the manufacturers, and communal bins for each merchant means you’re playing a game of chance. There is no telling if you’re getting a genuine toy until delivery. One blog we think is useful for exposing this issue is Dangerous Lilly

One particular article we found to be interesting was her account of purchasing 3 toys from different sellers – who somehow ended up having the exact same packaging. Normally toys have a very specific design on the box if it is name brand. An easy way to figure out if yours is authentic is to look up the brand’s packaging online and see if it matches what you have. 

The quality of the materials used is horrible in these situations. Some have noted an intense chemical odor the moment the package is opened. Boiling a glass dildo proved to flake off the color coating exposing the added chemicals. Many tests have been developed to assess the durability and authenticity of these toys. What could this mean for your body if you aren’t paying attention to these types of warning signs?

Our recommendation is that you always purchase your toys from accredited sites like SplitPeaches, GeekySexToys and Adam & Eve. However if you cannot resist the temptations of Amazon Prime please make sure to do your research before you add the item to your list. If anything the first place you should check is an actual toy reviewer’s blog like Dangerous Lilly. A review bloggers purpose is to educate consumers of the safety and validity to help save money and spare your health!

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