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Adult Performer Bill AB2389

California is back at it again with another extremely divided bill for the sex industry. This time proposing all adult performers from porn actors/actresses, content creators, webcam models and dancers complete a training program allowing them to obtain a business license. This has since been revised to a “certificate of training completion regarding their employment rights, as specified.” The kicker? It’s for 21+ only leaving those in the industry 18-20 concerned as this could signify future legislation will limit the age of adult performers to 21 and up.

Requirements for training would be developed by the state’s Department of Industrial Relations. It will be headed by a governor approved board composed of 2 adult film actors, 3 dancers, 2 medical doctors, a therapist and a money manager. Training will be a minimum of 2 hours 45 min and will provide information on reporting workplace injuries, sexual harassment and sex trafficking. Adult performers would be required to cover the cost of this training. 

For a first hand look at this bill please bookmark this link, and notice when you scroll down you can visually see the corrections/notations in red and blue. When reading this over, keep in mind the section that says “..subsequent training shall be completed every three years and shall be a minimum of 45 minutes.” That gives me a good laugh as a resident of AZ, our driving licenses don’t require any further training to operate a vehicle until they expire…. 40+ years later. Yet being an adult performer somehow requires training every three years?

While the world is at a stand still with everything going on the last activity on the bill was 3/2/2020. How exactly are they going to patrol webcam models in California? Are they going to work directly with the websites themselves? I have a long list of questions about this bill, how they plan to execute the online portion specifically. As of now a petition exists for those who are opposed to sign and show support. The Adult Industry Laborers & Artists Association is doing their best to make our voices heard, to join in their efforts please follow them on Twitter and their official website.

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