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Stimulus Bill

$2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

Congress has finally passed the $2 trillion stimulus bill to provide relief after much debate. The bill includes pushing some new boundaries that would expand protections for all workers! Such as eligibility for unemployment (including gig workers) and providing $600 a week on top of regular unemployment benefits! But what are the restrictions and are undocumented workers included, too?

Mainly, the bill states you must make less than $75k a year and your eligibility is determined by your 2018/19 taxes. If you don’t file taxes there is a high risk of being caught, so we suggest sitting this out if you can afford to. Undocumented workers are sadly not eligible either as you must have a SSN. Your workplace must be closed or cut hours more than 20% to apply. Once you do apply, you must certify every week with them that you are not making income.

As of now there is no set date this check will be made available. All we know is to apply via each state’s website and that gig workers, self employed and independent contractors are welcome! For a rough idea of what you could receive, check out this calculator.

If you would like to dig deeper on this please check out @InvestorStripper on IG and go to her COVID-19 story highlight! She has roughly 45 slides there explaining this bill and what it means for you.


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