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OnlyFans Alternatives

The appeal of fast money just for sharing “adult” content on social media like platforms took off faster than anyone was prepared for. Before the Savage remix came out numbers were already climbing of new online content creators, most flocking to OnlyFans. Covid-19 certainly pressed the gas pedal on the job’s popularity too. However, there are other platforms in this space besides OnlyFans that I would like to highlight.

JustFor.Fans came onto the scene 2 years ago via porn veteran Dominic Ford. His platform offers 70% payout (read that again) and is a similar model to this social media style interaction you are used to already. I love how many options you have for monetizing on this site. You can sell clips, custom videos, sexting services and host a storefront where you are allowed to sell virtually anything. But it doesn’t stop there! There are options for membership sales such as Snapchat, tiered memberships like Patreon, multi-user live cams and auto previews that even autopost for you. If you’re looking for a platform who will listen to you as an individual and address your concerns, ideas or whatever else… This is your platform! (I mean 70 fucking percent?!)

AdmireMe.VIP is a new one for me but has been around since early 2018. This platform is more about posting direct content on your page, so saving all of those sexy snaps will come in handy here. Once you have posted a minimum of 50 standard posts, you will automatically be featured on their homepage visible to potential subscribers. They also offer the ability to organize your content into folders, charge for messaging, charge for premium content and they also host competitions throughout the year giving models and customers chances to win cash and holiday exclusives. One feature I think is super helpful is that hashtags are searchable, so adding lots of relevant hashtags to your profile will help your account appear in more searches. Surprisingly Admireme.VIP only takes 20% from their models meaning you will earn 80% of your subscription price. 

Let us not forget what truly makes content sites popular is us. We are the ones who collectively decide what platforms last and which do not – simply by using them and sharing them with our fans. That gives us as models a lot of power that I am not sure we are aware of just yet. In 2020 it might be time we all start considering our *own* pages, so then we don’t have to rely so much on this fan page craze.

[Update 4/9/2021] Previously I had written about a 3rd company that I felt was a strong OnlyFans alternative, and have since rescinded that statement. In my opinion they proved to not have the models best interests at heart.

Since publishing this many have written to me from competing companies wanting to advertise their platform, people thinking of creating their own platforms and others in-between. All of which want the same thing as an end goal; to be as popular as Only Fans. Sadly however, there is no secret formula to give to anyone for this to replicate again and again. Shit this may very well have been a one time thing for all we know because of the celebrity traction it received. There are so many fan platforms out there right now that have better model support, better pay outs etc and they still cannot compete. If you want to do something that matters to us and truly helps us, we don’t need another fan platform. We need people willing to HELP us stand up against censorship and deplatforming on social medias and SO much more. Please consider lending your time to be an ally for us instead of making money off of us. This industry isn’t a trend to most… it’s survival.


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As a stripper and webcam model of 12 years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about the industry. One thing that was apparent from the beginning was how very few places had our best interests in mind. I started succexxxful as a content based site to answer questions received on a daily basis, and changed direction when I realized how I could truly help. By offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance options I’ve created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure and educated.

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