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YNOT Summit 2020

If you’re anything like me, conventions and other large social gatherings are a bit of a turn off. The constant hustle and bustle is not my forte but in this industry it is pretty much a necessity. Not only to grow your fanbase but also to learn new things that help further your career. This year YNOT hosted their first online summit and I have to say – I had an absolute BLAST!

As someone who (I assume) grew up in the 90’s early 2000’s, you’re probably used to the same online chat rooms and roulette experiences as I am. To be honest I half expected this summit to share similarities but it truly was nothing comparable. There was so much to absorb and also contribute to as all of the seminars were open to questions. Having that direct input and ability to ask the broadcaster directly was very valuable in helping us feel heard and involved.

For new models I highly suggest signing up for the next YNOTCam summit. I was able to attend a few seminars, one in particular struck me as a great place for all of you who are just starting out. “From Contemplation to Your First Broadcast: Getting Started on Cam” with Katya Tiuni, Aerie Saunders, Nikki Night, Hottyteen Simona, Kari Anthony and Carlos Diaz was easily the most sought after information for any new online model. Even as a veteran I learned a lot of things that I will take away from the class. From Facebook advertising to how to build your own 3d anime character there was not one seminar that fell short of what it promised.

In fact, in my opinion they over delivered. From start to finish the entire experience was comfortable, on my own terms and was the most laid back opportunity to network I’ve ever experienced. Everything was explained in depth before the summit began and the platform used was super user friendly. The speed networking, or “speed dating” as I called it was genius. All types of attendees were utilizing this feature from models to companies. For myself, this was the most important and helpful feature of the summit.

What sets YNOT apart as a company is you can tell they care. You can see it in the way they respond to feedback and in the way they put together events like this one. Everyone could feel the love and support YNOT gives. More importantly felt and noticed is their passion for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. I look forward to future YNOT summits and all that they continue to bring to this industry. 


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