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Wink App (For Snapchat)

Although I wish I could take full credit for finding this app, I cannot. My boyfriend’s dad mentioned he downloaded Wink and had no idea what it was at dinner one night. When we Googled it we discovered it’s designed to find new people to follow on Snapchat. Instantly I knew we potentially could use this to get new VIP/Premium Snapchat members etc. All I had to do was read the first sentence and the wheels were already turning!

I’ve been using it for about a week now and here is what I have found: I would suggest NOT giving them your VIP/Premium Snapchat name at signup and instead a free one. There are real people on there as well as a decent amount of bots. I would suggest mass messaging/interacting as much as possible. No need to strictly focus only on one person since you cannot tell who is fake/real right away. All profiles have a name, pictures and age as well as a short bio. Cartoon avatars are a good indication of a bot but not always the case.

Once you create your profile you are taken to your main screen which is your inbox, and it can get a little confusing from here. Up at the top of the screen are gems, these you will end up spending and earning. The three squares in the middle – first square is yellow with smiley faces, the center purple square with a message icon and the last square is orange with a trophy. The main ones to pay attention to are the first 2, as streaks with Wink users won’t pay your bills. LOL so pay that last square no mind.

The first yellow square will take you to a screen much like a Tinder set up where you check yes or no on profiles, each “yes” costing 10 gems. This supply will run out for every check mark you give and can be replenished by things like checking in daily and following on Instagram. Clicking on your gems will direct you how to earn more.

The middle square with the message icon will instantly link you with someone who is online and looking to chat. Clicking chat now then brings you to a private chatroom with the other user. Below these three squares there is a “Messages” folder as well as “Requests” which is pretty self explanatory. In “Requests” you can choose to chat now or just straight away give them your Snapchat. This is why I recommend not using your VIP/Premium at signup unless you don’t mind filtering adds.

If you would like to forgo the entire process on Wink and just message them directly on Snapchat, you can also do that! You cannot see their Snapchat until you have a message open with them however. In “Messages” click the three dots at the top of the conversation and click “Add on Snap.” Some users put a picture of their snapcode in their bio pictures which is super helpful.

To state the obvious- you should take payment for your premium away from the Wink app by moving that conversation to a “free” Snapchat. Again, you don’t wan’t to give away the name of the paid one before you get payment. I know we are always looking for a new customer base, hopefully this will help aid that growth. Since I have not been using it for very long, and cannot verify how helpful this app truly is I would love input from you! Please feel free to leave a comment in our comment section below or send us an email about your experience with Wink. We would enjoy hearing from you! 

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