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Piky Buttplug

Geeky Sex Toys-Piky Buttplug

When we came across Geeky Sex Toys we got SO excited to review this place for you! Who the heck knew something like this existed for all our nerdy babe needs?! We’ll try to keep this as informative as possible instead of us dorking out over products the whole time, promise. 

The Piky Buttplug really stuck out as a must have item for anyone’s collection. Unique, vibrant and unmistakable it was an easy choice. Who doesn’t want to become the ultimate Pokémon master?! With an insertable length of 3 inches it really is a great starter plug and also one for the experts. 100% waterproof, 100% body safe silicon that is also handmade really makes this a one of a kind type sex toy. The tail is a bit short as it is only 8 cm long so it would be imagined someone with a much larger derriere could easily swallow this up. However, if you’re a clipmaker or webcam model it’s definitely a great conversation starter and something not many other models will have. 

The quality of this product and care that went into crafting this is absolutely incredible. Geeky Sex Toys truly knows what they’re doing with a clear passion for their customers. The shipping was fast, discreet and completely hassle free. We recommend ordering direct from their website to ensure you get the best experience and customer service available to you. We will easily be ordering from Geeky Sex Toys again! 

Would you like to win this item? Succexxxful is giving a Piky Buttplug to one lucky model on July 31st who subscribes to our emailing list! We promise not to blow you up with ridiculous ads and crap you’ll throw in your trash can. Instead, we offer exclusive emails once a week covering topics that aren’t available on the website, and sneak peeks to what is coming up next week! 

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