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Stay Online

The only way to be succexxxful as a camgirl is to attract people to your room and get them to stay there. But how do you entertain a room of people and keep them coming back? This is one of the hardest things to do as a model because you’ll be in an empty room by yourself and look like you’re having the best time. Traffic isn’t handed out to you… Below are a few tips that can help you get repeat customers, higher traffic and all the rest into your room to maximize your time!

The most essential thing about camming how much time you stay online. You will see me say this so often, you’re going to repeat it in your fucking sleep. You’re welcome. But the sad truth is that the MORE you’re online, the more chances you have for people to find you or log in and see their favorite model is on. Everyone has this idea that the moment you hit broadcast there’s going to be men lined up waiting to flood your room but the reality of it is if you don’t know how to get and keep it, you won’t have any traffic. A lack of traffic can be disheartening, it makes me feel like I am wasting my time and energy when it doesn’t work out. If you feel this way, that’s totally normal! The main idea is to never get discouraged and always remember that the more time you’re online and accessible, the better the odds of being succexxxful. There are many times I was just about to log off and a new member would enter my room and end up tipping for a whole show! That member ended up becoming a huge contributor for the rest of my career, so keep in mind that you never know who is going to land in your room and when. Even when you don’t feel like it, get online and stay there! Don’t be easily discouraged at the beginning.

First, let’s talk about the number one rule of webcam: stay the fuck off your phone!! If there’s a reason to be on it that’s totally fine; I would never stop someone from promoting their camroom or even taking photos for your VIP social medias and members. As long as you are paying attention to your phone in a way that doesn’t take away from your room, it’s acceptable. The trick for me was if I was online and taking pics for social media to get people into my room, I would involve the members online with me in the process. Show them that you’re doing promo for your room and ask them what poses they think are sexy versus ignoring the camera to take some quick shots is much more personal and inclusive. You can even get the room/member more involved by asking what type of music you should play while taking these photos. Anything you can do to make it more personal and inviting, versus ignoring and indifferent. Have you ever been talking to someone and they pull out their phone? It sucks! It makes you feel like you’re not interesting enough for them to pay attention to, this is exactly how they feel! Think of it like this, the moment you hit broadcast you are “clocking in” for work. Any time you pull out a phone and ignore the screen, the count goes down. Try to get in the habit of being aware of what they see if you need to be on your phone. By this, I mean position the upper half of you off cam and show something else. I usually turn around and twerk or dance when I needed to be on my phone. You can also angle the camera below you, looking up so your backside is all they can see (literally the most flattering angle for us all!) It’s not impossible to hide the fact that you’re on your phone so just be mindful of it and make eye contact with your room every now and then to make sure no one is trying to talk to you. You can be respectful and on your phone at the same time!

Another trick to staying online more is to do a group activity with your members. Maybe have a movie night and watch movies with your members online. If you like to drink when you are live, consider playing a drinking game with them. If you smoke, replace the drinking. If you don’t do anything like that online, everytime they/you say a specific word you get spanks. This may seem silly but spanking is actually a huge gimmick in this world. There’s always an easy way to turn something into a group involvement scenario on webcam. You might forget what the word is and miss one, a member will surely remind you. It keeps them involved and interested. If you aren’t on a site that is known for the ability to get away with shows like this, plan according to your site. If you’re on a more sexual site or private show based site, plan out your shows so that you don’t tire yourself out within the first hour. You don’t HAVE to take every show that comes your way if you feel like you will be tired after and it isn’t worth compromising the rest of your time online. However, there have been times I was lucky enough that one private show was all I needed to reach my goal for that day.

Don’t forget your room is all about you! If music helps you stay online and keeps you dancing, make a playlist and never apologize for anything that is on there! I have a playlist with a mix of everything from 50 Cent to Hart! Don’t be ashamed to play what you want to hear. Many people will tell you that you should play a certain type of music to attract a specific kind of crowd but it’s irrelevant at the end of the day. What matters the most is you staying online and engaging with members the entire time.

Incorporating candy or food into your broadcasting is another great way to keep yourself motivated and interacting with people. Oddly enough, even the process of ordering the food together, joking about how you’ll open the door for the delivery guy, etc. is a way to get members to engage with you. Cooking shows go over very well if that is something that would ever interest you; these are extremely popular on sites like MFC and Chaturbate. Sucking on a popsicles, blowing bubbles, and other things that draw attention to your mouth are all sexy ways to include food in your stream if that helps you stay online. I know that I tend to snack when I’m bored so this was something I had to figure out how to make entertaining, not only for me, but for the people watching me. I was lucky enough to have members who enjoyed ordering food with me and we used the idea to make a club you could tip for that was my nude photos with food. This is the perfect example of creating group activities with your room! We called the club Fudes.

Every time I ate while I was online, I took photos with the food I was eating and uploaded them into an album members who tipped for it could view. It was a funny way to incorporate something that helped me stay online into a sexy thing that gave incentive to tip. I’m sure we already know why sucking on a popsicle or lollipop would be attractive and I don’t even need to hit on that one! Try it out yourself and see if you come up with a way that works for you. Some models use a reward system with their snacking, such as rewarding themselves with five M&Ms every half hour they stayed online. Whatever you think would motivate you the most to stay logged in is worth a try!

It’s normal to get discouraged when you have been online for a while and no one is tipping. Casually mentioning it and trying to convince people to tip you is where most models come off as whiney and a little rude. Imagine being online for 5 hours and not receiving a single token, it’s enough to make anyone feel frustrated and upset! However, staying professional and understanding that it just isn’t your day will look much better for you than being rude or complaining. I’ve come to learn that keeping your feelings off of social media will be a huge help. Although it may seem rational at the time, constantly tweeting about your agonizingly slow nights over and over will wear out any sympathy from your followers.

That’s not saying to be fake and write about how amazing it was your day was when clearly you made shit. There’s just no need to go on a five page long rant about how people suck and no one tips for your services. Simply stating you didn’t do the best but you can’t wait to be back is a much better look. You should always, always be appreciative of the fact that this is something you can do for a living. There are women everywhere that would be more appreciative for this kind of freedom. Nobody wants to tip someone who isn’t grateful for the gesture, unless you’re intentionally selling the bratty/dom attitude online and it’s part of their fetish. Tooooootally different story.

The bottom line is that there is no real recipe for how some models are able to stay online for hours at a time and make thousands of dollars. There is no magic potion you can drink or concoct that will give you this super power. The truth that is experience is the only thing that can truly help you with your webcamming, and the only way to get experience is to stay online. Through the fun nights, slow days and failed attempts at a show goal, stay online. You will not have some magic ability right out the gate because you don’t have the experience…yet! You can distract yourself with food, incorporate social media to get more people in your room, play games and reward your members with fun things like spanks… but there really is no way to tell what’s going to energize you the most outside of seeing your own growth. When I saw growth in my shows, that’s when I felt the most motivated to go back online the next day. THAT’S the key to staying online, staying relevant and allowing yourself to grow as a model.

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