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POViestick Phone Strap-On Dildo

Split Peaches-POViestick

This is a real game changing dildo, one that you didn’t even know you needed but once you see it you cannot forget about it. Split Peaches has created something amazing with this POVieStick Phone Strap On Dildo. Something that we haven’t seen before or even knew existed. We had to get our hands on this toy and see if it lived up to all they promised!

Truly the POVieStick takes sexting to a whole new level. Imagine all the clips and VIP Snapchat shows that can be made with this! For those who don’t have the easiest time filming with toys, or even have something you can use to keep your dildo steady this will do it all for you. This toy is versatile as it can be used with the strap and also without as a regular dildo. It comes in four colors, beige, brown green and pink and is made of 100% body safe silicone. It is recommended to use only water based lube since it is silicon based. POVieStick measures 1 1/4″ thick shaft and 6 1/4″ long. Extremely flexible and squishy makes this dildo perfect for lengthy video use. You can attach the dildo on the screen of the phone (if you have a front camera) or in the back and take pictures/videos from there. Either way this toy truly gives you a real POV view. 

Something worth mentioning is Split Peaches does a fabulous job with their packaging. They include gift wrap and some free goodies which, who doesn’t love free stuff?! Their shipping was fast and discreet which is a must in this industry as we are usually very eager to try out our toys! We highly recommend the POVieStick to those who like to send pictures, videos, make clips and those who run a VIP Snapchat. This toy can easily take your shows up a notch!


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