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Tilly Kush

Tilly Kush

Tilly Kush is a prime example of this industry’s ability to cater to everyone’s particular lifestyle. Camgirl and fetish clipmaker, she has done an amazing job building her career and staying true to herself online.

Which came first for you clipmaking or webcamming also do you believe they are essential to one another? I started on camming, then started making fetish clips a few years into my career. I believe there can definitely be success in focusing on one or the other, but I personally enjoy doing both.

Let’s start with webcam! What made you choose the streaming platform you did? How long did it take you to learn how to stream confidently? I chose MFC back in 2011 because it was one of the only camsites I could find where there weren’t any gross ad banners. I also liked that I could watch the girls for as long as I wanted, which helped me learn a bit about how it’s done, as well as feeling comfortable and confident enough to know that girls with a similar body shape to me were doing great. At this point I’ve been camming on and off for a pretty long time and I still don’t feel confident on stream! I still get nervous, frustrated, and all those horrible feels that I used to get back when I first started.

What would you say your camming style is and how did you go about forming into what you are now? I have always tried to just be myself. I think that’s what makes each streamer stand out from the rest. I haven’t changed my style or physical appearance much since I started broadcasting which I think has been important to maintaining my fan base.

How important do you feel a schedule is to a cammodel’s success? I’ve never followed a pre-set schedule! I’m sure it is helpful but I don’t have any experience with that myself. I live with chronic illness and I also have multiple other side gigs so camming and clip making for me is a fun way to break away from monotony and I love the freedom it gives me to do what I want when I feel like it.

For those who are unfamiliar, My Free Cams has a room helper bot called “Charlsbot” who is essentially your command generator. Is there a resource you used to help yourself remember commands for Charles? I have a little digital notepad with some Charlesbot commands but they aren’t up to date as of right now. I usually just open a new tab and go to the charlesbot website to re-familiarize myself.

We had to ask with kush being apart of your name, do you smoke cannabis online? If so do you think it hurts/helps how any members view you? I do smoke weed online. I haven’t had much hate from it since it’s fairly normalized these days.

Your bio highlites how you actually make all your own graphics! Do you also edit your own clips as well? I do edit all of my own clips and promotional graphics. I have my degree in graphic design so I think that has helped me a lot. I also have a background in web design. Video editing came fairly easily for me since I am so familiar with the Adobe suite. I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro to all content creators looking to step up their video editing abilities. 

Looking over your ManyVids you have so many creative and beautifully filmed videos it’s amazing! Can you talk about what your best sellers are, and if you’ve ever experienced a video you put time/heart into not doing as well as you had hoped? My best sellers (on ManyVids) are by far all of my b/g videos. “Kitchen Fuck” is one of the top 100 most sold videos on the entire site! In my experience, the more time and effort I put into making a video “artistic”, the less it actually sells! It used to be really discouraging but I’ve learned not to take it personally if my audience isn’t excited about something sensual and softcore. It seems like the raunchier the content, the better it sells! 

There really is such a wide variety on your ManyVids. Have you always done b/g videos? Making vids with my partner is a pretty new development. It’s something I always wanted to make and put out. I think it’s a nice way to include my partner in a small portion of my work life.

Can you give any advice about custom videos and how you price them/send them out? The industry standard rate for custom videos starts at $10/minute. I know some performers offer lower rates but I believe they’re selling themselves short. Custom videos take a lot of time and effort to create so I base my prices accordingly. When someone contacts me about a custom video inquiry, I ask them to give me all the details so I can give them my pricing info. My prices start around $10/minute and go up depending on a variety of factors; explicitness, time and effort involved, special props/setting/outfit/hair/makeup, script/dirty talk. Even short ten minute long custom videos typically take me all day to set up, film, edit, and send out, so my prices need to reflect the amount of time I’m spending on the entire production process. 

Your store on ManyVids is super creative and we see you’ve even sold pubic hair! GENIUS! How do you decide what items you will add to your store? I’ve always taken note of what my customers want. If I get asked about something multiple times from different people, I then know that there is definitely a market out there for it. My pubic hair trimmings are actually pretty popular! Panties and other similarly small sized items are very easy and inexpensive for me to ship discreetly. I’ve had a few devoted fans over the years who have shown me how profitable panty selling and other personal items can be! I’ve even sold a few pairs of my worn shoes.

What’s the biggest mistake you think new models make when they begin this streaming/clipmaking venture online? Not doing enough research. I feel like you can never really know everything until you dive in and experience all the highs and lows for yourself though. 

If you could give yourself once piece of advice about webcam to your newbie self what would it be? If I could tell myself how it would affect my life and relationships before I got started, I wonder if I would have still hit “broadcast”. So maybe I wouldn’t give myself any advice at all. It’s been a wild ride but I don’t think I’d change a thing.

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