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Sheena Rose

Sheena Rose

Sheena Rose former Burning Angel and current Streamate camgirl has seen all the changes that affect the adult industry first hand. We wanted to tap into her knowledge on the ever growing ways models can stay active and keep themselves focused and safe in the industry.

For those who aren’t familiar with your professional porn career, you were a Burning Angel from 2013-2016. How has porn changed since you were filming as a new starlet 5 years ago? When I started in 2013, there were not a lot of platforms that I could create my own content and sell it. If there was, I wasn’t aware and it was not that popular. I was doing porn before premium Snap was a thing. Now it is amazing because we have the freedom to make income from our content instead of hoping to get a scene that week or month.

How has booking your own scenes been as an independent model versus having an agent? Would you recommend models looking to get into the porn industry to seek an agent? Well I have never been signed to an agent but I did have agents help me out. CJ from good life modeling (Not even sure if they’re a thing anymore?) really helped me out in Miami. I would not have gotten a lot of scenes if it weren’t for him. Agents are great for new models. They have all the contacts and can shop you out to the entire industry. Once you are in for a while and know everyone you don’t NEED an agent but still having one is fine. But do your research. There are a lot of sketchy “agents” out there that will hurt your name, not help it. Nexxxt Level and Mark Spiegler are great agencies. 

For those models who would like to try their hand at this without representation, can you please explain a porn shoot you have recently booked yourself from beginning to end? From the first message to the last scene shot. Well, back in the day I used to book pretty much all my scenes. I remember working for Evil Angel and following one of their directors, and when they followed me back I wrote them a DM. I told them I was a new model and interested in shooting and asked for a booking email. They provided it and I sent in my resume of what scenes I have done (this is not necessary but as a new model it is good to send previous companies you have worked for), I sent full nude pictures front and back, rates, and how to contact me back. Once we schedule a day and time, I get tested. Once I show up to the shoot on time and ready, I would get my hair and makeup done. Then it’s show time!! Every scene and every shoot is different but you always try to finish the scene in one shot. Some times breaks need to be taken but usually for anal. Then it’s done and you get paid! 

Have you ever had a photographer/agency not return your pictures/video and how did you deal with that? How will you change your actions going further to prevent that from happening again? I do not shoot trade shoots anymore because of that. I don’t even want anyone to shoot videos for me in fear of that. But pictures, happens too often. I will only do a photo shoot if I am paying them for the photos or they are paying me. I am done wasting my time shooting and not receiving any photos back or getting them 6 months later.

Conventions are now a huge part of the adult entertainment world. Have you ever been to one and if so what are some tips you can give to models hoping to attend a future event? I have. I go and work many conventions whether it is a weed show or adult. My first (adult) convention was Exxxotica in Chicago. I went with Burning Angel and it was SO much fun. I was a little shy at first but I got the hang of it. I also go to AVN every year since 2014. I love AVN but it can get very stressful especially if you try to plan too much. There is a lot to do that week and it can be very easy to over book or over do yourself. So make a schedule and get some sleep. Also have a variety of outfits to wear ranging from heels to sneakers, lingerie to comfy clothes!

Speaking of conventions, are there any websites you utilize to sell your XXX content? These events usually have booths for all the different clip platforms and are a great way for a model to meet the people running it! Of course. I use ManyVids, Onlyfans, IWantClips, and a few others. I post different stuff on every platform. 

You make a lot of clips in popular categories like BBC, cuckold and humiliation. Would you mind talking about how you find ways to keep that new and exciting? Lots of models find it hard to continue making these for fear of saying the same thing over and over. When it comes to this type of video I just say shit. I go off the top of my head. I am really good at just talking even if it sounds dumb I just keep going. Even if I say it over and over I make it seem like I really mean it. That I am saying it over again because it is important. 

While on the topic of clipmaking, do you take custom video requests and if so what’s the best way you’ve discovered to do this? I do! I have been doing customs since 2013. I have the ones I need to get done written on a white board so I do not forget. I send them via google drive.

Let’s say you’re filming content with another model. Do you discuss boundaries and comfort levels? I ALWAYS do. One thing I have learned from working with a lot of females is every girl (and males too) are different. Some girls love spit, others are grossed out by it. Some girls you can pull their hair, others, no way. It is important before EVERY scene to discuss what their comfort levels are. 

With the shift in the adult space becoming more user friendly, how important is to have a social media presence in contacting agencies/maintaining a fanbase? Very important. That is where you promote all your work. I am not saying that you cannot be a camgirl or clipmaker without social media because it is very possible and a lot of girls do that, and do well. But in my experience promoting my stuff on Twitter and Snap has been very beneficial. I do not have an IG because they are not adult worker friendly, and I don’t need that type of negativity in my life. 

You mention Snapchat a lot as a great source for promotion and income. In your opinion, what is needed to run a succexxxful VIP Snapchat? There are a lot of factors. The main one, and this goes with all platforms, is consistency. Consistency is key to everything. Making quality content, promoting the content, and being engaged with your followers. 

Engaging with your following is an absolute must for any model. What are some ways you reward your customers/fans for their support? I give a lot of freebies away. I send sexy thank you videos, I send nudes, I have one customer who spends so much on me he gets a Skype show every week. I know that sounds excessive but for the amount he has tipped me, I feel like it isn’t enough!

Besides clipmaking and Snapchat you have been a camgirl on Streamate for quite some time. Why is Streamate such a good fit for your style of webcamming? Because I am not good at sitting in a room trying to hustle nickels for doing little things. That takes too long for me and I am not interested in that type of camming. I like to sit in a free chat, where nudity is not allowed, and go into a show and have someone tell me what they want and get paid per minute. Different strokes for different folks. Some girls kill at free shows for the public for tokens. Others are better at doing private shows and getting paid per minute.

Find more of Sheena’s content and links on her Twitter @SheenxSheen
Photo by: Miles Long

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