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SextPanther CEO

SextPanther CEO

Alex of SextPanther is one of the only CEOs that encourages models to contact him directly for assistance with their profile. While most platforms have a less hands on approach, he knew that the most valuable thing to offer models is support. We are very grateful he had time to answer our questions and share some valuable tips with us!

It’s awesome to talk to the actual creator of a platform such as this. What was the initial idea or blueprint behind SextPanther and how has that grown to what it is today? We released SextPanther in 2014 with very limited features at first – we were strictly just a texting service (no calls) and only models could send photos (user could not send photos to models). We later expanded into phone calls, 2-way picture messaging, and videos. Throughout the entire process, we’ve tried to listen to model and user feedback to improve and build new features on the platform over the past 5 years.

In those 5 years what was the biggest challenge you faced when creating this website? There have been growing pains along the way which is to be expected but the biggest challenge thus far has been working with cell phone carriers in the US and abroad because they all have their own restrictions and quirks. With that said, we are working on a solution so fans will be able to sign up regardless of what country they are in or what cell carrier they use.

Any model we have spoken to will praise the safety and security your platform offers them. How do you keep your models and clients information safe? The beauty of SextPanther is that neither party needs to share their real contact information to the other party in order to converse with one another. Models can openly promote their SextPanther link and phone number without any fear of someone “leaking” their phone number to their friends or on a forum because in order for any message to go through, the user has to register their phone number with SextPanther.

Why do you think sexting is as popular as it is despite there being so many other ways to connect to your favorite model today? The users that are willing to pay to talk with the models genuinely want to have a real conversation versus the users who will blow up their DM’s in attempt to get something for free. Of course, the sexting aspect is what most fans go for and a lot of models cater to a wide variety of fetishes and roleplaying scenarios, which is tough to accomplish through other means without wasting your time and maintaining your privacy.

One requirement for the site is that a model must have an established following on social media or any respected camsite. Can you talk a bit about why you chose to make this a requirement?  We have found that models with little or no following often do not have much success on SextPanther because they are usually new to the industry and have a limited reach when it comes to marketing themselves.

In your opinion, what does it take to be successful on your site? There are many ways to be successful on SextPanther and models have found success in using the platform in different ways, but in general, models must know who their paying audience is and personalize the experience in order to keep their fans engaged. Being consistent in re-engaging users that may go dormant for a bit with a personal message is also incredibly important. Lastly, promoting your SextPanther profile on social media and other platforms on a regular basis helps models grow their client list which in turn creates a more steady income.

For models who have never offered something like this, but would like to incorporate it into their services do you have any tips for them? SextPanther can be used for auxiliary income stream that can be used in conjunction with your day-to-day, whether you’re a big name porn star between shoots, a cam model that doesn’t want to get ready for camming but still wants to make some income during the day, or an independent fetish model looking to connect with their loyal fans. Most models aren’t making their bread and butter on SP but it definitely helps pay the bills! If you are a model on the fence because you are not sure if you are good at sexting, just know that some models barely have actual “sexting” conversations and just prefer to connect with their fans on a more personal level with casual conversations.

On your FAQ page you actually offer models the ability to email you and ask what rates they should be charging for their services. What made you decide to have that one on one contact with your models and how do you think that helps you keep this site so customer service friendly? We were very surprised to see that you offer this! I think having newer models reach out to me directly opens up the door for communication and feedback right from the start. Some models set their prices too low and are overwhelmed with messages while others may set their rates too high where it’s just not a good value for most users. It’s all supply and demand based though so most models know what their time is worth and set their rates accordingly.

Thank you again for taking time our of your day to speak with us, Alex!
For more on SextPanther and FAQ please visit their site!


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