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Miss Faye

Miss Faye

Miss Faye is one hell of an adult content creator. She hustles on multiple sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids, FanCentro and CelebTv effortlessly posting to various platforms. We wanted to tap into her amazing work ethic and ability to make things progress naturally for her career!

How did you get your start into the adult industry? I started as a nude model and graduated to a premium snap without porn. After doing couples premium content I started doing my own solo content and then live camming. The progression felt natural to me.

When you first started your adult career, did you pick a site that worked for you or did that take some trial and error? I started out on patreon but due to my highly pornographic content, I didn’t think it was the right fit for me. I created my own website and since have joined a few sites like OnlyFans and celebTv. As for live camming, I found that I enjoyed Chaturbate over MFC

Since you’re now an OG cammodel what are some things you do differently now as a seasoned model? I’m much more demanding now than I used to be. I’m less afraid to take charge and also command a room or my online presence. It helped me identify who is who online to help get through messaging people quicker. Knowing your clients helps to get them to spend more in less time. 

Recently you webcammed with another model, Natasha. On your story you talked about how the experience helped you and we were curious what you meant by that? After first camming with Natasha, it showed me that I had no idea how to run a room. She showed me a lot of guidelines to follow, tip goal ideas for setting the pace, and the best times to be online. It not only helped with running a cam room but running any content I’m promoting. 

I feel that I grew out of live camming because I saw how she kept a regular 9-5 schedule. I don’t mind having the schedule but I don’t like not being able to walk away at any moment. I like doing online work and promoting and doing creative work rather than being online for 8 hours, 4-5 days a week. 

Many models have anxiety about camming with another model, did you two know each other previously? We first met at a modeling weekend event and we were the only live camming models there. We didn’t do our first show there but we planned a trip to travel to each other. Once I got to Natasha’s to work, before we did any recording we both went and got tested to make sure we were both safe to work with!

When it came to the content you two recorded, how did you decide on what to film and divide that up equally etc? We had a plan of what we were doing what days, who had access to what content, and anything taken by our own phones/cameras was ours to keep and use however. This discussion is HIGHLY important so everyone knows what they’re getting out of working together and no one feels used, overworked, or disrespected.

Overall, do you feel it is important to webcam with someone who matches your style? Yes and no. You should have diversity overall but having the majority of your co-stars match you is a lot easier to sell content. Being similar in style or look helps your viewers feel more into the content because it’s similar to your solo content. 

Out of curiosity, which do you prefer more, camming solo or with a friend/partner? I like live camming with other people but I like recording solo. However, I don’t mind recording with someone if there’s someone there to take the video. Live camming with someone is a lot easier than recording. Recording solo is easier than being with someone. 

Let’s talk social media. Yours IG is awesome, your fans engage a lot on your posts. What are some succexxxful avenues for advertising your snap/clips/webcam that you think girls should also utilize? Truthfully, the best avenues as of lately are paid shout-outs from bigger pages/models or promoting on twitter. Twitter has been the social media ROCK for sex workers and I fully believe girls should abuse it while we can. 

What are ways models can use social media like Instagram to build a cam following? This is the perfect way to connect with followers. Show them something more personal about yourself and give them a reason to interact with you. Having social media is perfect for gaining those “free followers” till they can pay or some of the biggest supporters will help promote you and find you paying followers. It’s the best way to promote for people who can’t figure out how to use google ads or ad sites. 

Do you like to SFS with other girls on social media and if so explain a but why you do? I do, but I also feel that because of the engagement issue it shouldn’t be as necessary as it is. I love promoting other girls for fun but promoting each other out of necessity drains our energy and viewers get tired of seeing it. 

How do you feel about tube sites and do you use them for your traffic directing? I do plan on making a pornhub account and also a YouTube account. I do think it’s great to direct different traffic but I also think overposting your content on too many sites will diminish how much you make. It’s all about balancing how much to add to extra sites. 

What are some of your favorite websites to make money as an adult content creator? My newest favorite is OnlyFans. I was using CelebTv and it’s a little similar in selling points but the ability to mass send messages with full videos and a price attached is perfect for girls who have tons of content to sell. If you want a way to do free trials, short teasers, ability to chat and receive tips and upgrades, OnlyFans is that site!

What do you think the future of sex work/e girls will look like? I’m hoping it will become safer, easier, more inclusive in the “normal world”, but I feel it will get worse before it gets better. We have a long fight to be respected in the world because it is a full drop of our insecurities to do what we do and some people are too insecure or jealous to ever understand. With the creation of the Union, I hope to see health insurance, pay security and social media defense to help preserve our accounts.

Something I’d like to add is, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about working online is take care of yourself first and make sure you have good support. The internet is a mean place and when you’re going through it, when you’re not fully healthy or happy, when you just can’t find the will to get up, the internet will push you even further down. If I can give any advice to girls out there it’s don’t be afraid to be healthy for the world and if that means taking a self love day OFFLINE and reposting content. DO IT! If it means posting inspirational quotes and nature photography. DO IT! Don’t ever let this job take you away from who you are without the job. Make the job an extension of yourself, not the reason you are YOU.

Find more of Faye’s content and links on her Twitter @OhHeyMissFaye

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