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Micky Sparrow

Micky Sparrow

Micky Sparrow has been stripping for 2 years and has recently ventured online to become a webcam model. Traveling has become a normal part of life for her career, so naturally we wanted to get some pointers on how you can do that succexxxfully too!

What was it that initially got you into stripping where you are/have traveled to before? Before I was a stripper, I managed a gym and took pole classes just for fitness. I was living with my boyfriend at the time in San Francisco. Once we broke up I got an apartment that I couldn’t afford and thought I would give stripping a try since I already knew how to pole dance. I have been fortunate enough to travel. I have my current apartment in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am contracted in three different cities. Including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and I will soon be in Miami. 

That’s incredible you’re able to work in such different areas of the country! Do you have any type of routine for preparing for work? I feel like I’m getting ready for work from the moment I wake up. I usually have some sort of appointment to go to whether it be spray tanning, nails, a wig install, or lip fillers. Then I will go to the gym and burn off all the tequila calories from the night before. I then will get into “work mode” while I’m doing my make-up. I put on some music or listen to a podcast until it’s time to go to the club.

Choosing the right club can be tedious that involves a lot of trial and error. How did you choose the right club for you? I do a ton of research online if I travel to a different city. I also try to consult with customers who have also been to the city and see if they have any recommendations.

How do you set yourself apart from other girls who work with you? Separating myself isn’t so much a priority for me since I usually stand out in the clubs just on my look alone. I’m constantly trying to improve my all-around game. Whether it be taking a pole dancing class, listening to an educational podcast, or improving my physical appearance. 

What quality do you feel helps you in making money the most? Is it your personality, your unique look, your dances? I think my look is what makes people interested in me, my personality is what sells the dances, and the dancing is just icing on the cake. 

Let’s talk about regulars for a second. What would the best approach to start building regulars in the club? For those who don’t know these are the people who will come see/spend money on you and usually prefer some method of contact! Be authentic, try to have real conversations and get to know people, especially if they are in your club often.

Not many realize this but the hardest part of the job is getting told yes. How do you convince a customer who seems uninterested in you that they should get a dance from you? I get told no all the time. The key is to find out what that particular customer needs. You can’t sell a lap dance to a 50-year-old the same way you would sell to a bachelor party. I tend to move semi-fast if it’s busy in the club so I will move on from a customer if I feel like he is not gonna spend money on me.

We’re all familiar with champagne rooms and VIP, partly due to pop culture and it’s play up of these things. How do you explain what the difference is to them from dances on the floor to there? What exactly does an upgraded dance look like from you? I try to make to seem like a VIP or Champagne room is the only thing worth doing in the club. An upgraded dance isn’t so different from a regular lap dance except now we have more time. I try to form connections and get a good conversation going. I try to get them to buy a bottle so he will stay in the room with me for more than a half hour. The main thing is that I have to believe I’m worth the money he’s about to spend. 

Seeing as you travel to a few different states, in your opinion would a unionized structure for strippers be beneficial to the industry? Ex. Flat rate club fees and maximum work hours? I’m not sure what the best solution would be for strippers. California club law is not fair towards dancers and the structure definitely does need to change but in other states like Indiana I pay a flat club fee and keep 80% of my dance fees after that and I really like that structure. 

How do you keep yourself protected from things like police raids, license raids or any other type of law enforcement involvement? Some of the states you mentioned are in a lot of jeopardy right now for those who don’t know with these types of issues! I just make sure that I have all of my “ducks in a row.” The only state I dance in that I have a license for is Nevada so I just make sure that I keep that active. 

As cam sites gain in popularity is stripping in a club becoming obsolete? Or is that IRL quality still irreplaceable? Along with Stripping, I am also a Cam Model. In my opinion, nothing is going to replace the IRL experience. 

Do you feel like social media is a powerful tool to help a strippers income even if it doesn’t translate to money spent on you in the actual club, but online instead? Social Media can absolutely help out your income. I am working to build up my following so I am able to sell pictures and videos.

Have you considered extending your portfolio to have something like an OnlyFans, VIP Snapchat or IsMyGirl and using photoshoots/videos to build interest in you and your bank account? Yes, I have an OnlyFans account and will be launching my premium Snapchat soon.

If you could give one bit of advice for girls struggling in the industry, what would that be? I would say to invest in yourself. Unfortunately this is an industry that is heavily based on how you look. In my experience, you want to get as close to looking like the Traditional American Beauty Standard as you can. I am someone who has had surgery to alter my appearance and it for sure made a difference when it came to my income.

Find more of Micky’s content and link on her Twitter @stripper_micky

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