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Alice Mcmunn

Malice Mcmunn

Malice Mcmunn is one of the most badass dancers you’ll ever meet. She’s been in music videos, had roles in movies and continues to make a name for herself and her talents. With all this stripper talk circulating thanks to Hustlers, we had to speak with a true OG about what stripping is really like!

Since you began your dancing career to now, how have things changed? Has there been an influx of new dancers as sex work becomes more popular? I first started dancing in the late 90s but then quit for a couple years to get sober and then start again in 2002. Around that time it was really amazing dancing in Portland Oregon I instantly saw social media as a place to advertise and bring customers so I used MySpace plus modeling to gain more customers. I think a lot of other dancers I worked with saw that I wasn’t ashamed of my job and they started following suit and I think for a while we did make stripping really attractive and mainstream plus some movies and tv shows were also doing that and in some ways it was helpful because it helped erase some of the stigma, but for sure it was creating some over saturation and that’s rarely a good thing if you want to make more money.

That’s so genius! Myspace was totally one of the first social media. Do you feel like social media is a tool strippers can use to increase their income? I think social media used to be a powerful tool but it’s not that local anymore so I don’t think it really seems to work as good as it used to to get people into the club. However if you do become somewhat social media famous I’m sure that helps getting people to come see you in the club. At the same time I have noticed that a lot of times people might come to see you because you have a social media following but a lot of times they just want pictures it it’s not like they’re there to spend money so sometimes it ends up taking your time/money more.

It’s a stripper right of passage to have a routine for work, what’s yours? My only pre-work routine is to have a chai latte and come in early so I can take some selfie’s first but that’s about all I do even if I wasn’t a dancer I still do my makeup in the day before I leave the house so nothing else really is about whether I’m a dancer or not I do all the same shit either way!

How did you choose the right club for you? Was it a lot of trial and error? Because I suck at hustling and I know I’m only going to make money on stage I want to go to clubs that have a good stage money but they also have to have a good amount of female customers or couples or fellow queer customers. I do better with mixed groups of people then just straight men because I’m not very good at being intimate or conversational and the gentlemen’s clubs would want more of that in most cases. Unless it’s Bachelor/ birthday party I’m always a really good girl for that basically I’m more of a party dancer. So I look for clubs that have a party vibe.

Since you’re more of the party dancer what quality do you feel helps you in making money the most? Is it your personality, your look? I think I get money cuz I work hard to entertain I pick my music based on the crowd and do my best to give them a show that plus I’m sure the look helps I try to be unforgettable.

What was your most memorable night at work? Good or bad! One of my most memorable nights was one time when a guy walked in the door dropped a few hundred dollar bills on customers and then walked around my stage and dropped $1100 bills and walked out and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw lol

Do you feel that the club should give more promotions or specials to help dancers maximize profits? The club should always have specials and events and things that lure customers in. They shouldn’t be able to give specials on what we offer but they should be able to give specials on what they offer like drinks tables cover etc. Although now that we’re employees we are considered to be what the club offers and I still don’t agree with that. I think that we need to work on the law with that wording because I don’t think the strippers are a product of the club.

Would a unionized structure for strippers be beneficial to the industry? Ex. Flat rate club fees and maximum work hours? Now that California has passed a law making all strippers employees they definitely should get a union together. I don’t know if I have any more fight left in me at my age to try to do it but I strongly advise it and would try to support it the best I can until I can find a way out because I’m not gonna stay here very long as an employee I am 100% against being classified as an employee. There is no benefit to being an employee for me really. And the way most of the clubs are going about it is really not the way beneficial for a lot of girls.

What other avenues of work has stripping opened up for you that maybe you weren’t expecting? Honestly stripping has probably gotten me a lot of awesome things private celebrity gigs, music videos, movie parts, pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten any of those if people didn’t know me from what I do.

Looking back on your career, what is one piece of advice you would give your newbie self? Don’t let anyone tell you what works for you as a dancer! Some dancers are really happy with being an employee however I would advise the younger generation to fight for the right to choose whether or not you want to be an employee or an independent contractor. As an independent contractor sometimes you can go home with zero dollars, sometimes you can go home with thousands and nobody can tell you how much of that they can take. And that might work better for some girls that know how to make thousands so always fight for what works for you. I think some should try to get a union for the ones who want to be an employee but also try to fight for the right to choose your classification because sex work of all types should be in the power of those doing it.

Find more of Malice’s content and links on her Twitter @Malice666Mcmunn

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