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Luna Nicole

Luna Nicole

Luna Nicole is a veteran stripper who recently placed 3rd in Inked Magazines covergirl contest. She knows the importance of a strong social media presence and how to translate it into profit.

As we always start with, what was it that initially got you into stripping? I was working a factory job at 19 after being unable to hold any other job down for longer than one year. I was absolutely miserable and it had a lot (at this factory job) to do with the fact that I grew up around music and my world revolves around it. We weren’t allowed to wear headphones or hear anything besides the machines through ear plugs in a dull grey building. I left mid shift because I decided I was going to try out dancing that night, and I did. 

For dancing, I’ve traveled all around the state of Wisconsin and a few clubs in Texas. The rest of my traveling is for rock concert festivals. 

For many routine is essential for a good shift. Do you have any type of routine for preparing for work? Going to the club for a shift is an all day ritual for me. When I wake up I’ll eat something nutritious and have a protein smoothie, most days I’ll go to the gym and tan, then I’ll take a speaker into the bathroom and take a long shower while I shave and exfoliate everything. If I need to do work laundry, I’ll start it right away and switch between tasks. By that time it’s usually time to leave for the club, but if I don’t get to take my shower with music to put me in a good mood, my whole day is thrown off. 

How did you choose the right club for you? Was it a lot of trial and error? I’ve worked at over ten different clubs. The first one was in Milwaukee. I never made over a few hundred dollars a day and never understood why. I tried out a couple more until an old friend suggested I try the club I’ve now been at for four years in Green Bay, Wi, that worked out well enough for me to move to the area just for this club. 

This career path has gained a lot of popularity within the past 5 years. Do you worry about the booming amount of strippers there are now esp with Hustlers coming out soon? I don’t even worry about what other girls are doing and I think it’s my beet trait relating to this industry. I also use multiple platforms. We’re going digital, people. Expand your audience. Market your persona. Promote yourself. You are not an employee, you’re renting this club to use as a portal for your money and finding your own customers. 

Alright let’s talk shop. When a customer takes you to VIP/champagne, how do you phrase what the difference is from dances on the floor? What exactly does an upgraded dance look like? I don’t get fully nude unless they buy a VIP dance and I don’t perform floor dances, even when the club allows them. I do the same routine in either place, if I’m being honest. I’ll allow them to touch me (within reason!) in a VIP if they also tip and are respectful, while hands stay on their sides during a single song dance. I also emphasize that VIP is more private every level you go up. It makes them feel special. 

How do you convince a customer who seems uninterested in you that they should get a dance from you? Since I’m such a niche with my tattoos and piercings, a lot of customers will approach me after I go on stage if they’re interested. I always break the ice with my stage performance which is what I’ve focused on and practice the most. My conversation skills have never been very good, so we all have to find things that work for us. 

As a more niche dancer what quality do you feel helps you in making money the most? Is it your personality, your unique look, your dances? My stage performance and the fact that I put effort into my appearance helps me the most. This is a vain industry where you are your own product and you have to continually perfect it. This isn’t getting paid big bucks to look cute. You have to navigate your own and ENTERTAIN. People come to clubs to see girls that look “larger than life”, and I think stranding out is crucial. Since I’m a music person, I put hours into making my stage sets’ music. It’s good conversation when I may not have otherwise had a topic. 

How do you keep yourself protected from things like police raids, license raids or any other type of law enforcement involvement? I don’t do illegal things relating to my job. I am always licensed if I’m working and I don’t take payment for any specific sex acts. 

Do you feel like social media is a powerful tool to help a strippers income? Hopefully it will translate to money in the club? ABSOLUTELY. So many customers come see me from my Instagram and Facebook. Fortunately I’ve been able to navigate this well enough to have customers on both digital and club platforms crossing over. 

Have you considered extending your portfolio to have something like an OnlyFans, VIP Snapchat or IsMyGirl and using photoshoots/videos to build interest in your brand? I use Snapchat for income and make private clips. Again, I’m fortunate enough to have a big enough loyal following and techniques to be able to do it privately. For promotion I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tinder, and REAL LIFE. I go out and make myself seen and share my life online. I also regularly do photo shoots and modeling to help me. 

If you could give one bit of advice for girls struggling in the industry, what would that be? It’s never too late to take control of your hustle. It’s very possible a lot of the ones struggling are impatient (it’s taken me since I was in high school to build internet following and five years dancing to finally “get it”.). SAVE YOUR MONEY. this industry is inconsistent. You need to prepare for the bad days and celebrate the good ones. Take control of your hustle.

Find more of Luna’s content and links on her Twitter @luunaamoonaa

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