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Lo Valentine

Lo Valentine

Lo Valentine is a seasoned camgirl who knows the value in staying consistent. In a short amount of time she has built up a loyal following on social media and has some excellent advice for those who are looking to progress in the industry.

Like most newbies I’m sure you got your start on My Free Cams. Have you tried any other webcam sites? I started MFC first and was on there for about a year before I switched over to Chaturbate and dabbled with some other cam sites as well. I felt that I starting webcamming around the ‘slow season’ so after a year, it seemed like I needed to try something new and regain the new model tag.

SO glad you brought the tag up! Would you say that first week on webcam with the New Model sticker is important? I do think the new model tag is very important and I wish I had taken advantage of it more when I first started. I didn’t really understand what it meant and didn’t think it would matter too much, but I do think that people like to watch someone new and learning. They might not have an ‘internet persona’ yet, so they’re more natural.

Did it take a long time for your room to get to a comfortable place where conversation/tips flowed? I think that camming is a lot about getting online and staying online. It can take an hour/hour and a half for things to pick up, but once you trudge through that first part, you can have an amazing time with great people! To have regulars and people who want to keep coming back, I would say you just have to be consistent with logging on.

How did you feel out what “broadcasting style” was going to work for you/your room and which didn’t? When I first started, I wanted to do a lot of the typical sexy things because I knew they did well, but I also wanted to incorporate more games and fun things into my shows. There’s nothing I particularly felt went poorly because in the end it was all a learning experience and as long as you’re having fun and being nice, the room will have a good time too. There are some things however that I started doing that I never expected to do like burping and teeth brushing lol!

Are there some mannerisms you have changed or adapted to feel more confident and in control of your room? I’ve definitely learned more how to say no to people. At first, I was thinking, ‘well this person tipped, so I should do/say whatever they want even though I’m not sure about it or it’s not on my tip menu’. Now I’m very confident in knowing that my cam room, is MY cam room and if you come in trying to tell me to do something instead of asking me to do something, we’re not going to be friends. I’ve also loosened up with what I show on cam; there are days where I’m just horny, so I log on to make some extra cash and chat while I masturbate because I was going to do it anyway hahaha!

Since we’re getting deep into camgirl chat, tell me a bit about the evolution of your cumshows. I know a lot of us get stuck with what to do! Getting a toy that vibrates with tips changed the game for my shows. Sometimes it’s fun to wear one and do random things just to see how hard it is. People really want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, so the more comfortable and confident I’ve become, the more people have enjoyed my shows.

Outside of webcam you also sell content on various clipsites. Which would you say has been the most lucrative for you? Manyvids is definitely the best for selling my videos. They have great advertisements, so I’ve been posted on their blog before and also have it linked to my Twitter to (hopefully) help sales. Also, people have posted my MFC Share links on fetish forums which has also helped sales on there!

Does posting previews on platforms like Twitter of your clips help sales at all? I think it did help sales until it shadow banned me 😛 having a fat pussy plastered all over my twitter isn’t exactly great for their business but it is for mine lol I continue to wonder if having a promotional/business twitter is worth having for the autotweets, but I’m just not really sure.

Can you give any advice to models who are having a hard time keeping up with posting to various platforms? Consistency! Post often and pay attention to what gets attention. I like to be diverse with my content too, so no matter who you are, you’ll find something you like.

Find more of Lo’s content and links on her Twitter @LoValentine_

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