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Holly Beth

Holly Beth

Holly Beth first came on the scene as a camgirl who turned professional porn actress for companies such as Burning Angel. She has a wide range of videos on ManyVids that are gorgeously aesthetic, and has a great sense of how to be self sufficient in this industry.

Let’s start at the beginning of your career. Do you recall your first steps into the adult communities direction and what made you stay in the business? My first move was as a cam model 7 years ago when I knew it was a thing people did, but didn’t know any websites to really offer services on. So I would just scout chat rooms and offer shows on skype. The great friends I’ve made and the security/freedom/creative expression is great.

Branding yourself and creating a signature look can be difficult. For you what was that process like? In terms of branding I really just be myself. That’s what is great about this work, you can be yourself and people will appreciate it!

Since you started as a camgirl first and foremost, who is your preferred camsite and why does that one continue to work for you in your opinion? These days I only so private shows but when I do decide to log back onto livestream it’s usually CB with friends, I prefer the community on MFC better but CB is typically higher traffic in my experience.

How long did it take you to get the hang of the shortcuts etc for MFC like countdowns and coding your profile? Any tips? Asking other models has been really helpful over the years in terms of learning the ropes of navigating sites like MFC, there are also sooo many helpful forums these days!

As a camgirl conventions are always intriguing and can be super helpful to one’s career. What do you do to prepare for conventions like Exxxotica? To prepare for conventions I mostly reach out to other performers and set up shoots on specific days so I have a productive work trip, and I also pencil in fun things I want to do with friends too! I try to pack light and not focus on outfits and more so location of where I’m going to film, portable charger lol I pack a lot of snacks because conventions like AVN aren’t super convenient for being vegan and having to work on an empty stomach is always distracting to me so that’s another reason.

Looking at your clipstore virtually all of your videos on ManyVids are cinematic and captivating, out of curiosity do you edit them yourself or do you shoot with someone? Some I edit myself I like to keep the editing to a minimum and focus more on filming something to where I won’t have to edit it much, sometimes the videographer or other model will edit it if they have a more specific style they want to stick to. I like to film with other models I know online or have met through mutual model friends.

It also has a wide range of videos in many categories, do you think it is important to try as many “genres” as you can to reach a wider audience? Ya i think a wide range is fun, just whatever you’re comfortable with!

Have you ever got a request for a custom video you were unfamiliar with how to perform correctly and still tried it anyway? For sure ! it’s a way to learn new things. I just look up videos that are related to the custom request and then put my own spin on it.

What would you say is a major difference between filming a scene for a company vs for your own store? The biggest difference is all the set up. A company directs the entire scene, I don’t have to really do anything other than show up and perform.

How did you get into shooting more than solo/girl girl videos and has that transition helped your career at all? I started filming with male talent in the industry that I met on twitter through mutual industry friends or after meeting at AVN and it has been really well received!

What does a typical work day look like for you when you are going to be working on your clip sites/social media etc? Typical day is a split shift for me, where I work for maybe 4 hours during the day and then mid day I will log off and then log back on later at night for maybe 4 more hours, I’ll edit videos or photos on vsco or imovie and post them on social media.

How have you been able to grow a following on social media like Twitter? My following mostly happened through being retweets or posted by performers I either work with or know online.

Are there any websites or social media not many utilize that you enjoy? I feel like editing photos and banner posts for social media or profiles on sites/apps like canva, vsco, and instashot have helped me a number of times.

What piece of advice do you think is important to remember as a sex worker/cam model? It’s important to remember to protect your personal information, and to be alert when interacting with people online because some members prey on gullible or new models. If you really want to be a cam model or content creator and you feel like it’s so slow or not lucrative enough don’t give up just keep changing your approach/brand/websites you use and eventually you could find what works for you!

Find more of Holly’s content and links on her Twitter @littlehollybeth

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