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Gabe Wicked

Gabe Wicked

Gabe Wicked started out as a musician turned cammodel on Chaturbate. Outset he grew from the ground up and was able to build a loyal fanbase in a short amount of time. We wanted to get the scoop on what it was like to leave that spotlight for another one.

What initially got you started in the adult industry? What has made you continue to stay? So I had been doing music my entire life pretty much. Got signed when I was thirteen years old, put out albums & toured the world until my band broke up when I was 21. I had no idea what to do in the real world once my music savings had ran out when I was around 24 and started looking for real jobs. I couldn’t land anything decent to save my life lmao. And the only jobs I could land were absolutely terrible, moving companies, etc. It was a cam girl / friend of mine in Vegas who actually told me I should start webcamming but I didn’t believe I could really earn money doing it….. UNTIL I TRIED IT!  Loved the adult industry ever since. The community embraced me & it’s fixed my life in so many ways. 

Many models find Chaturbate intimidating with the apps and bots, how long did it take you to figure out additives like that and broadcast smoothly? It took me a bit to figure out the apps & bots on Chaturbate but I had a ton of help from fellow broadcasters and I totally see that a lot with a ton of models, sharing knowledge and helping each other out w/ shoutouts etc. We’re kinda like a big sexy gang that help one another out in many ways.

In your opinion, is social media important to the succexxx of your shows? Kinda can’t stress HOW important social media is for the success of a cam model / adult entertainer. It’s everything! And there’s definitely a huge difference in viewership on cam when you promote things on socials. Camming / Premium snap / Porn all go hand in hand with social media, gotta be consistent growing your brand on all the platforms available to you & you’ll succeed! 

Most people think male camming is all about sitting there with the camera pointed at their junk. (Love how the stigma of camming being strictly sexual isn’t limited to one gender.) Care to give a word of actual knowledge what being a male webcam model IS like? Hahahaaa.. Love this question! I definitely wouldn’t recommend just having the camera on your junk. Get creative! People love a good personality, a good smile & yes they’ll love your cock too, don’t worry. Lol. Just work them into liking all of you, is my best advice. I used to pretend I was just chatting with a crush of mine one on one. And always show & communicate your appreciation for tippers and supporters! 

We’re sure you have some tips for dealing with a slow night, and what do to try to boost interaction/engagement on these shows? Ugh, gotta hate the slow nights!! But listen, it happens to absolutely everyone. Even when you have a ton of viewers, it doesn’t always translate to tips. However, if you show them your good energy it can translate to new followers on social media, a new snapchat fan or a subscriber on onlyfans, etc. You just never know! What I can say is that it’s never a waste of time trying. Something good always comes of it. 

Do you feel like you have an advantage being able to stream with your girlfriend/make clips and how did you two start getting into doing that as a team? YES, YES, YES. I absolutely love that my girl & I are in the same lane. Making content every day is so much easier. Even when it comes to doing our separate solo videos, we love helping each other out with ideas & filming for each other. It’s a blast! Not to mention we love making content with other couples & other models as well and we overall just support each other in this and try to grow together in the game.

Do you take custom video requests and if so what are they limited to? Solo, couple etc and what do you get asked for the most? I used to take custom photo / video requests but not anymore. It’s a ton of work once you grow a bit & can’t keep up with the messages. But hey, more power to you if you’re up for it!! However, If it’s one of my cam / snap / site regulars that has something in mind, I definitely try and make it happen!!

Looking at your social media you’ve got a great following that grows daily, how long did it take you to build a steady fanbase? So yea, this is huge. The beginning. The make or breaking point is all up to you. Not everyone is an over night sensation online. I for sure was not! I remember when I would have 10 viewers in my room at first. Stay consistent, communicate and have fun with your audience, no matter how many people and trust me, it’ll grow! I do recommend camming or making content with a friend or partner if that’s available to you! Things can move a little faster that way for sure. 

Do you use any other websites besides Chaturbate? These days I’m mainly using OnlyFans, Snapchat & Chaturbate 🙂 

Many new streamers don’t fully understand the importance of regulars. Do you have regulars in your camroom, and if so do you treat them any differently than you do to other members? I definitely have regulars on all platforms including cam. It’s awesome building these online bonds with the people that support you most online. I totally hook my regulars up with deals & talk to them a bit more!

Has your previous experience with music and touring helped you at all with the expectations of webcam performers? I think my experience with music definitely helped a little with the nervousness side of things and the performance side of live webcam shows. I get that it can be a little scary showing yourself, your intimate moments to everyone at first, but honestly it’s also such a turn on and if you stick to it, you’ll find out how to use it all in your favor. 

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to establish themselves on a webcam site? Let’s see… I pretty much made all the mistakes haha. I think CLICKBAIT is super important for new cam models. Don’t be afraid to show off a bit to reel people into your channel. I see a lot of new models just sitting around waiting for the room to fill up. Gotta make people click on you with a good thumbnail, don’t worry, the tips & the rest will come! haha. Once you have people in your cam channel then go at whatever pace you decide. Other than that, learn the site, study what works for other models who are in your same lane & apply it in your own ways 🙂 

Last but not least, one piece of advice you would tell yourself when you first entered the industry with all you know now? One big piece of advice I would give my self when I first started would be…. Go all in! Don’t be afraid of what others think. At the end of the day, adult work doesn’t make you a bad person & anyone that says so has their own issues. Grow your brand on every platform and don’t hold back. I know a lot of models will wanna have private accounts on social media etc, but just take a second to think why & who you’re doing that for & if its slowing your brands growth & your ultimate potential. Do this unapologetically and I’m certain you’ll succeed.

Find more of Gabe’s content and links on his Twitter @GGWICKEDx

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