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Felicia Vox

Felicia Vox

Felicia Vox is a multi award winning cosplay clipmaker, camgirl and domme. She’s exceptionally skilled with social media and how she advertises herself, we’re so happy to bring you this interview as many struggle with the media side of this industry. 

First congratulations on winning various awards for your clips and cosplay! Out of them all which one are you most proud of? I’m most proud of my XBIZ award. It was not only my first cosplay win, but also the first time I attended a convention/event like that. I was blown away by how much support I had from people I had only spoken to online but had never met in person. It was so humbling and I never felt so at home. Everyone was so kind that it made the award win so much sweeter. It was the cherry on top of an amazing industry event.

Having genuine support like that is truly a humbling experience. Can you talk about how long it has taken you to grow a loyal fanbase in your career and what things helped it? Like interviews, cosplay conventions etc? I didn’t start having what I consider a decent size of a loyal fanbase until I was already a few years into working in the sex industry. I was decent with promotion and advertising for being a rookie at that kind of stuff, but absolutely TERRIBLE with keeping the people who ended up following me. I was changing my stage name constantly, as I never felt at home with any of the names I tried, so it was near impossible for me to grow my fanbase. Once I settled for the name “Felicia Vox”, my fanbase grew more loyal as I was actually able to finally retain my core audience — it took only about a couple years after that to have a sizable fanbase. After that, I felt more confident in expanding and learned more about self-promotion: what methods work and don’t work, what sites are worth my time, what kind of content is best for which platforms, etc. Of course, social media algorithms have made this more difficult in the past couple years, but it’s all about constantly changing your methods and steering into the skid when it comes to factors out of your control. There’s no point in trying to make something work if you have little to no control over it!

No doubt webcamming also helped to grow that fanbase. Did you try another website before streaming on My Free Cams and if not what attracted you to staying on that platform for live broadcasting? When I first started camming, I didn’t know much about it so I started on Streammate. I didn’t stay there long and then went to Chaturbate. MFC seemed too intimidating to me at the time with the cam score, which is why I selected CB. I did boy/girl shows there for awhile, which was another appeal of CB over MFC. I ended up switching to MFC later after I stopped doing boy/girl shows, as I loved the sense of community MFC had over CB, plus it seemed far more organized and aesthetically pleasing. The addition of MFC Share was a bonus for me. 

As we all know, the number one complaint from most models is a quiet room. How long did it take you to get your cam room to a place that felt comfortable? It took about a year to get my room constantly moving. I started out trying so hard — dressing in sexy lingerie, dancing, etc in order to keep a room flowing, but I realized it wasn’t working. After awhile, I “gave up” and started to just get on cam with my sewing machine, fully clothed. I figured if people weren’t going to talk to me and tokens weren’t coming in as consistently as I wanted, I might as well get other work done. That’s when people started flooding my room more often, conversations were constantly going, and I was getting tipped far more for doing “non-sexy” activities. Even if conversation wasn’t keeping me busy, at least cosplay crafting on stream was!

Some may not know you also run a Patreon account as well. Has Patreon been difficult for you with their NSFW bans? Patreon has helped me with my work in the sense that I can take on one project and bring it to a lot of people so that they may enjoy it. It makes it easy for people to get access to different amounts of the same project and allows me to distribute those parts easily. There’s a lot of different factors that go into being successful on Patreon. I’m still learning myself. I definitely would not rely on it as a sole source of income, as Patreon has proven to be quite troublesome to NSFW creators in 2019. I haven’t always been successful on Patreon; in fact, at the start of August, I had 40 patrons when I previously had about 80. Losing about 50% of my income from one source was tough to deal with, but I ended up coming back from it with over 120 patrons by the end of the month by grinding through endless self-promotion/advertising, better content, more incentives for signing up, and more. I also tried a new tier system by modifying what I had already and finding out what my audience wanted from me in regards to rewards. Trying to balance out what people want from me with what I’m able to give while maintaining my mental and physical health was the biggest hurdle. I think success varies from person to person when it comes to Patreon, because everyone works differently. Some people can crank out multiple photo sets per month, some can only do one. I think the universal factor for success when it comes to any platform, not just Patreon, is consistency. 

I was amazed to see you offer your clips on many different platforms like MFC share, ManyVids and IWantClips. What causes you to spread yourself out over them all and do you treat them all the same/upload same content? I believe it’s important to have several different income sources. That way, if one platform becomes problematic, it doesn’t shake your overall profits drastically. That said, I don’t spend the same amount of effort on all the platforms that I’m on. For example, MFC Share doesn’t get much of my attention. My videos are not updated on there and I don’t spend the extra effort to advertise it as I do not cam at the moment. iWantClips is mildly maintained, as I’m preparing to create more domme-focused content in 2020. MV is the most maintained out of the three, as it looks the most aesthetically pleasing to me (prior to their overhaul of their profiles; personally, I do not like the current look as I see it as very chaotic and the prior layout was much cleaner and organized). iWantClips is reserved for my domme videos (the few that I’ve made so far) and other potential domme-themed store items. MV is more for my vanilla content and will likely not have as much effort put into it in the future as I am moving away from vanilla content. I’m still on the fence about leaving MV though, so I’ll likely try my hand at some of my domme content there since their internal traffic has been better in my experience than MFC Share or iWantClips.

Do you have an actual posting schedule to make sure you stay current on all these platforms? Yep! It’s hard and sometimes I forget or miss a day but I do my best to stay consistent. I post to my Patreon and Twitter feeds daily, and Patreon has a queue of posts scheduled sometimes during busy moments so I don’t forget to post. Instagram gets a post once every 2-3 days, as posting daily ends up getting me punished by the algorithm. I post twice a day to my Facebook page with their scheduled post queue, as I don’t really care about the algorithm there at this point since I’ve become aware that they are basically extorting business pages there. Reddit gets posted on daily several times a day — once a day in my own personal subreddit and anywhere between 5-15 posts a day in 5-15 other subreddits. My Premium Snapchat is a lifetime membership so I do my best to post a photo/video there daily, but sometimes Snapchat gets spammed with whatever I’m shooting that day. I don’t stick to as much of a post schedule on Snapchat since people are lifetime members. 

On ManyVids in particular you sell a lot of personal items and panties, do these items sell well for you and how do you ship them to customers? These items always sell well for me, even when I’m not advertising them. I have quite a few repeat customers as well in that department, due to the extra care and customer service I provide with these shipments. Typically I ship these items in a sealed bag, and I make sure the entire package is like opening a special gift. I like creating a happy and joyful experience when people receive physical items from me, so that includes making packages bright, colorful and decorative, as well as adding the necessary protections needed to arrive to the customer safely. I’ve only ever had one issue with a package in my 5 years of selling panties and personal items, where a package had been opened and stolen from the customer before they received it. 

MV is a unique platform that seems to be very popular with customers, I feel like it’s in part because of the contests. Do you take advantage of the MV contests and if so how do you participate in those? (How do you entice people to vote for you and what type of rewards do you give for those who contribute?) I do my best to participate in MV contests when I can actually remember to participate in them haha. Some contests just aren’t really a theme I’m feeling, so sometimes I forgo those. When I do participate in contests, I never really try to win them honestly; I just try to offer some things I don’t typically sell/offer. I do my best to stick with the contest theme so that more people will send in free votes, and always advertise my entry on Twitter, Patreon and Reddit. In more recent contests, I’ve offered discounted Premium Snapchat and membership deals on all my videos and all my archived videos. I don’t offer a lot of paid reward choices, mostly because I see Manyvids as mostly passive income so I don’t dedicate as much attention to it as other platforms.

Another helpful feature of MV is the promo blaster for Twitter. I noticed you don’t have your MV promo blast on, do you prefer to keep your clip previews off your social media? I actually ended up making a completely new Twitter page, one that didn’t have all of my Manyvids sales spammed all over it. I mainly made a new Twitter account because I wasn’t getting the engagement that I should have been getting on my old account. I had 60k people following me but less than 100 likes or retweets per post consistently. I tried everything in my wheelhouse of knowledge involving promotions and self-advertising to help boost engagement but nothing was working. Lots of social media platforms limit sexually explicit content and the reach it receives, so I decided to try to move away from posting explicit content on a regular basis. Plus, censored content can lead to more sales as the nudity becomes more exclusive to paying members. A new account without the MV promo blaster was just what I needed. I hardly advertise my Manyvids page at all on my new account, and I keep the promo blaster on my old account (that I’m not really active on) and I pin a tweet to the top of my page and write in the description of my old account a redirection to my current/new page. That way, anyone who followed me prior to my new account knows where to find me if they want to continue following me, and any bots or “ghost followers” aren’t contributing to making my reach/engagement worse. I may have only half the following that I used to have, but now my engagements are in the hundreds and thousands, rather than struggling to get even 100 likes on a tweet. 

You do however post previews of your Patreon sets on Twitter. Is this helpful in directing traffic to your Patreon? Yes, 100%. I only post a few previews (usually about 4 HD previews and 4 selfie/iPhone previews) publicly, and the rest are reserved for paying members via Patreon and Gumroad. As further incentive, I’ll occasionally even put a retweet goal (ex: “If we reach 400 retweets, I’ll post these photos without censors!”) to further increase my reach and engagement. Even if I end up not making any sales at all from a tweet like that, it increases my reach for future tweets, regardless of what it contains. Plus I usually gain a few hundred to a few thousand followers from one post! All of these are potential customers, so I’m always focused on my social media gains, not just monetary gains.

Speaking of platforms like Twitter let’s focus there for a second because I feel like this is where you shine. What do you think is the most important thing a model can do to secure their fanbase on and off social media? I’ve actually been experimenting a lot with this, but I think it differs from model to model, depending on a variety of factors such as content format, types of fetish/vanilla content, what works best for the model’s mental and physical health, and many more things. For me, I’ve found that the best way to secure my fanbase off social media is by constantly creating and brainstorming for future content, so that you never feel unprepared. Motivation is a tough thing for me, so making sure I always see progress in myself and my content is major for me to maintain my motivation. Maintaining goals for your fanbase to reach is also really important and I’ve found that setting goals and pushing them online to your following keeps them on their toes and also motivates them to support you monetarily. Even if not everyone pays to support you, supporting via free methods is VERY crucial to reaching your own personal goals, especially when it comes to profits.

Love the fact that you utilize Reddit for your domme work, you even have your own subreddit. Do you think this is a helpful website for promotion and how do you use yours for domme promotion? I think it’s very helpful for promotion, and I highly recommend every model have their own subreddit and utilize advertising in other relevant subreddits to gain more members in your own subreddit. It’s a little different than advertising on some other platforms though, as many other subreddits each have their own rules that submitters have to comply with or you will receive a ban and therefore end up losing a chunk of your potential customers. Many subreddits do not like advertising from redditors, so it’s important to be aware of these rules and regulations. I’m sure to post domme content quite often and enforce that part of my work when someone questions it or decides to disrespect it, so people in my own subreddit are aware of the kind of services I provide as a domme and are generally onboard with anything and everything I do. At the top of my subreddit, I keep a link to my submissive application, so that’s one of the first things that a potential new member would see when opening my subreddit. I make sure I’m very clear about it so that people have transparency and don’t expect something that I don’t cater to.

As a domme, what are you looking for in your slave applications and how has this other form of sex work benefitted you? I’m looking for submissives who are willing to be molded by me. I enjoy D/s relationships with both novice and experienced subs. Both kinds of submissives end up teaching me just as I teach them. Of course I benefit financially, but being able to change someone’s life for the better through my teachings, tasks, and personal communications is just as beneficial for me. It instills loyalty, admiration and dedication within the submissive. I branded myself as a “mommy domme”, as I prefer to be nurturing and more gentle with my submissives. Not to say that I don’t like being harsh, because I certainly do, but I believe you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. One day, under my tutelage, those flies can magically transform into butterflies. After all, Mommy knows best!

And finally the most important question for the tech lovers out there, what type of equipment do you use to film/edit your videos? I use a Nikon DSLR (I read prior to purchasing that Nikon is better than Canon for video, but vice versa for photos), a weighted tripod, a small tv for a monitor, and a Blue Yeti mic for audio. I’ve used Wondershare Filmora to edit all of my videos on my desktop PC, but I’m experimenting with the same video program as well as Final Cut Pro on MacBook to see if the quality is better and if editing is easier, as I like bringing my work with me on-the-go. I’d love to try Adobe Premier one day, but I don’t feel like it’s in my range of skill right now.

Find more of Felicia’s content and links on her Twitter @FeliciaVox

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