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Destiny Diaz

Destiny Diaz

Destiny Diaz is a camgirl turned award winning clipmaking star with over 300 videos on her ManyVids alone! This business driven diva has discovered many different ways to succeed in the community that we found to be quite amazing, and are stoked to share with you!

What were you doing previously to adult work? Before sex work I was working mostly in the service industry, from popular fast food restaurants to local coffee shops and Italian cafes. I was also competitively twirling and coaching. 

Since entering the business how do you separate yourself from the thousands of model who are also in the industry? I just try to keep stepping outside of my comfort zone. We all do the same things, but the order YOU do them in, and your own personal flare makes them YOUS, and forms your brand. 

Do you feel a strong social media presence is essential? Yes and no, of course a good reach can help with the pretty numbers like followers and likes, but that doesn’t always translate to sales – so what I think is more essential is to make connections with those who follow you. But at the same time, you are often taken more seriously by customers and sometimes other companies and performers when you do have an established SM presence. 

How did you organically grow your social media presence, which ultimately helped your adult media following? Like most models, I started growing my socials by reaching out to promo accounts and other performers who might be interested in cross promotion. Shout out pages are great, I try to work with ones I feel respected by, and that are performer owned. I don’t tend to do that stuff much anymore because I have a hard time keeping up with it because I’m usually pretty busy.

When you first started and were relatively unknown in the industry, how did you motivate yourself to keep pushing through and get to your level? I didn’t start pushing myself because I had a goal to be somewhere in the industry, I pushed myself because I wanted to grow my family and make sure everything was taken care of for them. For the first two years in the industry (pre-family) I was really living paycheck to paycheck. I’d make what I needed and then fucked off. It was a few days a week, and nothing serious. Once I started taking it more seriously I started to grow organically.

What made you choose ManyVids over all the competitor clip sites available out there? A supporter got me signed up, he told me another model got him on there and he wanted me to use it and thought it looked good, so when I checked it out for myself I just loved the layout, how cute AND efficient it was. It was user friendly, bright and somewhere I knew I wanted to invest time into.

For those who don’t know, you stay in the top 100 on a regular basis. Very awesome! Do you have any tips and tricks for staying in the top MV girls? Stay consistent, and work slowly. Take advantage of the community building tools and features to reach your viewers.

We notice no two clips are really the same in your collection, how do you come up with your clip ideas? I like filming a variety of things, my videos fall under a pretty big range of categories. I make what I enjoy and I also take suggestions.

By chance do you have a category that is a best seller for you? For boy/girl it’s definitely just my fuck scenes, and for solo it’s definitely my taboo content. 

ManyVids is as very hands on site for members as well as models. Have you ever encountered a situation where you had a dispute or issue with a member who purchased a vid/custom of yours? How did you handle it and what was the resolve? Here and there we don’t always meet eye to eye. I think a common conflict is that someone will buy a video and not read the description. So they will be disappointed if it doesn’t have things they wanted specifically in it, even though you hadn’t been misleading in your description about what to expect. But I just encourage them that if they want a video to their liking to order a custom so they can direct it themselves. 

What are some ways you reward your customers/fans for their support? With people who are close to me I let them download the content instead of only streaming it. Its a bit better for them and it helps prevent piracy.  And if I’m ever taking too long on an order or something I usually compensate by making sure they have some good fapping material while they wait. 

What do you offer members who would like to get closer to you ie Phone number/Custom videos/Any type on one on one attention? I have sexting services through SextPanther, I do offer customs but I am very picky about which ones and for who because it’s definitely more enjoyable for me to make it for someone I know because it’s more authentic. 

If you could give one bit of advice for models struggling in the industry, what would that be? If you’re lost in the woods and you see lights in the distance (ie where you want to go), you’re going to mentally exhaust yourself watching the lights as you walk and it won’t really feel like you’re getting any closer. Focus on the journey there, watch your step and just look up occasionally to make sure you’re going in the right direction. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you get there. Aka a watched pot never boils. 

Find more of Destiny’s Tips and Tricks videos on her site. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @ddestiny_diaz

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