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Since the first Customer QA went over so well, we decided to interview more! Who better to hear from than a member of the audience who purchases your content? We strive to bring you as many direct sources of information as we can in hopes of helping you navigate this industry effortlessly. Enjoy!

Have you purchased custom content before? If so can you talk about one good experience and one bad if you’ve had one? Yes I have. Good is when the model uses the scene of script, but makes it her own. Feels the scene out & takes it to places I didn’t even think of. It flows naturally keeping in mind the key words, angels, or ideas I wanted to see and hear. Bad would be when the model goes totally off script & doesn’t wear anything close to what was asked, fumbles their words, says it will take a day or two & 3 weeks later they send it after they have given you a few excuses on why it’s late.

When purchasing content from a model what are your three most important factors? Cost, duration and content!

What do you look for in a model to interest you in custom content? That she is real, honest, & open about doing customs. Don’t say yeah I can be a domme & you are a total submissive. You could be fat, skinny, white, black it doesn’t matter as long as you are confident, understanding, take pride in your work. Being a hard 10 is great, but if you just kind of go through the motions & aren’t being real or having fun what kind of custom can you do that will be enjoyed?

What are some of your fav places to find new faces? Best is when a model is on another’s cam or snap or at one of the cons & you get to see them interact with a model you already like. Otherwise, through Instagram, Twitter, snap promos some of the time. Cam site like MyFreeCams, ManyVids Live, or Chaturbate. This was you can get a sense for them & maybe develop a little rapport. The more places you can be found & the more active you are the more real you become & less likely you are to be scamming someone.

Have you ever done a 1-on-1 before? What was something memorable a model did for you that you really enjoyed? Yes, privates & a skype or 2. Just talked to me asking what I was into, what I want to get up to. Wanted to get me off more then get off the cam with me. Didn’t try to stretch the scene or cut it short, but was really in the moment & enjoyed herself at the same time. Gave me the sense that I was there with her & connected with us both enjoying ever second. Little send off like can’t wait to do it again to you or something like that or slip a personal detail at the end about good luck with the interview tomorrow or with work or something personal you had learned over time if possible.

Does a preview/clip of a video on social media grab your attention enough to then go purchase this video? Def does! Twitter is the best space for that or ManyVids free tube. Just has to be the right part of the clip to really get the idea of the clip across. Or maybe a pornhub teaser. An enticing clip draw us in & get us worked up enough to search further.

Does a video description aid you in purchasing a video, or do you not pay much attention to that and it’s more about the actual content? The content or preview clip is what it’s about. Not a lot of guys want to read, but if you give them a good little clip to tease them then they might just read the description & be enticed to buy more.

Do you usually save a model you like and check her page for new material? Most def. If you do cool shows, like Lush/Loveness shows def want to see that happen again. See any new deals or anything someone who is cool, sexy, & confident again & again!

Are you aware that most sites don’t give the model even 90% of your purchase? How do you feel about a model asking for an extra tip to make up for that difference? Yes I am, very recently finding out how much they take, and that’s some BS! I get why they do it, but think they all take way too much. When it comes to customs def do that stuff on the side with Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, GooglePay. I would like to see it all go to you because it’s you & your services I’m paying for. The whole upping the price to make what you think you should get I get, but I don’t want to pay more to pay a company that is screwing you. Granted not a lot of people know that, so it just looks like really high priced stuff. I say when it comes to vid if you do a $1 min then just double that, so 7 min vid is $14. U don’t want it to be too much because they just go watch free porn. You want your clips & vids to bring them in for your customs. Nail those & you will have a good customer for life!

Are you most likely to purchase video clips or solid items like panties, socks, mugs, stickers etc? Me personally it’s really just customs, clips & snapchat. There is a huge draw for panties & socks out there, so can’t go wrong there. The mugs & stickers I don’t really think so. Maybe a calendar or something like that, but most people hide that they watch cams or porn, so not sure about the other stuff.

Do you have any models Premium Snapchat? If so what are some things you like/dislike about Premium Snapchat? Likes being able to talk with them like a real person & interact with them with a comment here or there. Keeps the model real & make you feel like you’re not just a dollar sign to them. Different content, outfits, giving a heads up when it that time of the month & here come reposts, or that you will be away & such. Not just ghosting then coming back out of the blue. One cool thing one model does is when it’s her time of the month she posts JOI vid & then a few highly view reposts. Keeps it interesting & fun. Dislikes would have to be constant reposts every week same thing. A new story 2 to 3 times a week would be nice, just going on & ranting about 1 or 2 guys who did some stupid shit on there. You do that then use it as a teaching moment & block those D bags they do it again!

If you had to guess what do you spend the most tokens on (for webcam members only) in your fav model’s room? 100% Lush/loveness shows! Gets the room moving gets the model in the mood & a good mood. It’s so hot to have the control. It is also the best way to build to goals you have set as the model & reach them. Like top off, or naked, cum show, etc. Other things are spanks, make outs, & snaps, but most cam models that put that up there don’t have the best snaps & idk why. Just something I’ve seen. & then privates & its usual best for a private once the room settles down or you got her going with the lush show cause she is def into it. Hot for me cause I’m kind of a switch, but more sub. So when we go private she take the control back &nmakes me her good little sex toy, so hot, a little role reversal!

Are you more likely to purchase a video if there is another person in it vs solo? Depends on it for me personally. If its two people I like it to be two girls & solo for me is better than her & a guy. POV where they fuck the camera, or JOI r some of the hottest vids. For me if it’s not force by I’m not into seeing a real cock on there unless POV & it’s you pretending to be fucking me. Idk, that’s just me though.

Do you save/watch most of your clips on your phone or your computer? On my phone is just so much easier for all of the above. Will save clips on computer if I can, but otherwise just on the phone even for Cam. Which is better now with the updates to phones being able to go private on their now.

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As a stripper and webcam model of 12 years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about the industry. One thing that was apparent from the beginning was how very few places had our best interests in mind. I started succexxxful as a content based site to answer questions received on a daily basis, and changed direction when I realized how I could truly help. By offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance options I’ve created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure and educated.

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