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Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is one of the most popular gamers on Twitch and was one of the most anticipated new starlets in the adult world. We conducted this interview in December 2018, a few months before she decided to step away from the adult industry. We want to emphasize  that she has decided not to be involved any longer, and the questions pertaining to it have been removed. We wanted to focus on her intelligent input to those who would like to grow their brand online and insight on the best ways to do this.

MyFreeCams was lucky enough to host your few broadcasts when you trialed webcamming. Did you watch other models cams before you decided to take the plunge on MFC? I really tried my best to assess the demographic on MyFreeCams and see what people were doing that seemed to work. I did this so then I could then become familiar with the site, its community, and also, become inspired with my own similar ideas for starting up my camming stream on my own with no prior knowledge of MyFreeCams. I did not specifically look or watch any girls I can directly recall; however, I definitely admire the vast amount of beautiful, talented, and creative women the site holds which I was unaware of prior to delving into my brief journey there.

Would you say there were some similarities between streaming on MFC and Twitch? If so what were they? To put it simply, both sites host streamers of all different tastes and types and I think it’s undeniable to say that’s not a similarity at minimum. Obviously, one hosts adult content and allows nudity and one had fairly strict rules regarding those topics- which is quite a huge difference. I will say something I have noticed is a similarity in some streams on Twitch and MFC is that content creators on both sites will often reward their donors in some sort of way. Now, whether that is finger blasting yourself or just simply offering emotes for your subscribers to use in your chat room, that’s generally what sets the line between the two.

Although you have stepped away, what was your biggest misconception you had going into the porn industry? My biggest misconception of the professional porn industry is simply that it would be fun. I knew it would be hard work, and I wasn’t ignorant to that; however, there are a lot of dark things that no one talks about until you’re going through them actively in the industry. For me, primarily it was painful mentally and physically. I spent a lot of days crying over situations that would arise because of my actions at the time and I felt out of control. For others, it might be fun and I don’t at all in any way look down on anyone for that, that’s awesome, and I wish I could have felt the same way and not now have the negative connotation in my mind simply because of my own experience. Maybe that’s just chance at hand. 

Did your fans have any influence on when or how you started your porn career? My supporters and subscribers most definitely had an influence on when I started my delve into the industry. For both the good and bad, I do not blame anyone but myself for my own actions. I can’t deny the fact though that my environment my entire life and also the environment I put myself into, as I blasted myself all over social media completely nude and relatively deranged, definitely created this sort of cycle of needing to feed others desires simply because I knew that it would get me the attention I fiend for so intensely my entire life. Am I happy I did all the things I did in the way I did, hastily and impulsively? Yes and no. I have always been a weirdo and relatively a mess, but I’m still learning every day just like anyone else and just trying my very best to work on myself.

What do you think brought you to the adult industry? For those models who are curious but don’t know if they’re wanting to fully commit, what pushed you through that hesitation to where you tried it? I always was fascinated with the adult industry and knew deep down I wanted my own try at it. My impulsiveness most likely is what pushed me through any hesitation. For others with a sound mind and spirit, I recommend weighing your options and being absolutely sure that this is what you truly want, not just in the moment! 

With online presence growing in demand and popularity, Is it a good time to try to break into that market being a relatively unknown streamer/ content creator? I think at any time, you can begin and thrive as long as they have a passionate drive, something that truly sets them apart, and also an ability to market yourself (which I think is a point a lot of individuals forget).

What are the most succexxxful platforms you’ve found to grow a fanbase? I think my most successful platform is Twitter simply because even someone with no following can post a tweet that goes viral. There isn’t that direct necessity to have followers to be considered big or to make use of that social media.

A lot of people don’t understand that becoming noticeable on the Internet takes a good amount of dedication. Would you mind talking a little bit about how many hours you spent online streaming and posting before you were able to gain a steady following? When I first began being on social media, I tried my best to grind for several months and then continuously build up the small base I had. I most likely have streamed hundreds of hours in my scuffed wooden chair that hurt my back, talking to less than 20 viewers everyday. The time I have spent working on things relating to any sort of my social medias has felt endless. Even when I had ten likes on each tweet and less than a thousand followers, I was still tweeting the same weird stuff I tweet nowadays. I have always been the same weirdo, but it takes time for people to consistently see that and to thrive with that. 

And last one for good luck… what’s one bit of advice you would give your younger self just starting to stream? I used to be terrified of starting my stream to the point where I would cancel streams because my anxiety felt so overbearing. One piece of advice I would give younger me is do not be scared of people and their harsh ways. There are a lot of individuals with their own problems who will try to bring you down. Don’t let them. You’re better than that.

Find more of Celestia’s streams on her Twitch. You can also follow her on Twitter @celestia717

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