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Cattie Candescent

Cattie Candescent

Cattie Candescent began her career on the website MyGirlFund. She soon found her groove on MyFreeCams and has done amazing growing her clipmaking brand with dedication and hard work. 

How did you first get started in the adult community, and how have you grown since that day? I originally was working for a grocery store, but quit to spend more time with my family. Struggling to find a job that would work with my schedule, I ended up in a bit of a pinch. I had recalled seeing a model on Tumblr (Ryden Armani, to be exact) that was on MGF (MyGirlFund). I really had no idea what the site was all about before applying, but joined out of pure curiosity.

Since then, I have grown immensely! I started off only messaging members. Trying to figure things out at my own pace. (Which was incredibly slow at the time, as I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what the heck I was doing at all or what to expect/was expected of myself.) And from there, gradually kept expanding as I grew more comfortable with myself, learned my boundaries and had a better grasp on how things worked.

Do you stream on multiple platforms? If so, can you explain how each one is different from the other? For cam, I only use MFC (MyFreeCams) & MV Live (ManyVids). ManyVids is still in beta. So it’s pretty limited in comparison to other camming sites. But they are consistently updating their platform to make it the best! I find MV Live to be more user friendly vs MFC. Personally, while I know “bots” and all the promotional tools that MFC has (like their commands & whatnot) are a great way to make your room more lively and highlight anything you desire for your audience with ease, to me, is a big ol’ pain in the butt… Unless you have the time to learn each command and revamp it all every time you logon. From my experience, it’s not as difficult when you’re camming regularly. But if you’re not, it’s just an additional task added to your list. 

Your MV store is incredible as you offer so many different things!! How do you keep track of shipping, labeling etc for this kind of volume? It took me awhile to get this under control… Trial and error were huge here. I started saving store emails and as I fulfilled them, would delete them. This proved to be a garbage method, as sometimes emails get accidentally deleted or buried in my inbox. My next try was writing them down in a designated notebook. This has been the most efficient method for myself. This way I can sort orders by first come-first serve, make notes if needed and mark them off as I go. As far as shipping, I write the member’s username on each receipt. This way, if any issues arise, I can pull it up without any confusion or mix ups. Labeling I don’t do at home. I use USPS flat rate boxes for damn near everything. This way I can set a standard price for most items. Plus tracking numbers are always included this way, with no extra charge to the customer. The only time the client usually needs to pay any additional shipping fee is if they want something fancy, like overnight guaranteed. 

What do you think is the key to your success on ManyVids? 2 things: 1- Having a variety of content & always being open to ideas. Not limiting yourself to 1 or 2 kinks/fetishes makes you more accessible to a wider audience. 2- Maintaining communication with members who have purchased from me. A simple thank you message to a customer can open a lot of doors and be the gateway to what keeps them coming back in the future.

What videos are a big seller of yours and how do you keep that momentum going with new versions of it? My role play, taboo & fake creampie videos are big sellers! I’m well known for being a messy, foul mouthed lil’ vixen. There’s endless possibilities when it comes to these genres. So it’s impossible not to keep finding new ways to implement them. And there’s still soo much I have yet to do at that! Any small scenario can be “reused” when swapped out with 1 minor detail and slightly tweaked. Ex: say a taboo, sister role play JOI. Swap out the sister role play for an aunt. BOOM! Just try to keep things fresh and not repeat the script from the other to a T! 

Also on ManyVids we see you offer customs! Can you explain your process from start to finish for filming a custom video for a fan? It varies by request. Not all, but some, require a script. I feel I do better improvising though. It flows more naturally and allows me to really “get into character”. So depending on so, I take time prior to, to write out little bits to give myself a general direction of how I want the video to go. Picking out the perfect outfit for the scene and deciding on makeup and hair to match. Setting up my room to match the theme, if necessary as well. Making sure lighting is set up properly. Testing out camera angles. Once everything is set, filming is a go! It typically takes about 5+ outtakes to get me warmed up before the ball gets rolling. I do a LOT of stop/go filming vs one and done takes. This is because I enjoy switching up angles a bunch. It also allows me a moment to stretch (some angles can be strenuous on my body) and briefly think about what to say next. Once filming is wrapped up, it’s clean up & editing! Clean up can be either a cinch or a chore, varying by the scene. Editing can also be the same as clean up. But the end product is always soo gratifying for everything that goes into it. I love fulfilling fantasies and seeing them come to life! 

Is there a genre or kink you often get requests for that you didn’t think you would be good at? DDLG & age-play are the top kinks I’ve never even tried and likely never will… Since the beginning of my SW career, they have been requested a fair amount from me. Alas, I’m personally not comfortable with so and just really can’t get into the “little” mindset/space to make it feel authentic for myself to follow through with such a request. I tend to turn down any request I don’t feel I can put myself into 100%.

What kind of programs do you use for editing your clips and storage/distribution? I started off with the software Windows came with. I used this for far too long, to be honest… But when you’re just starting out and on a budget of $0 for software, it gets the job done! I’ve attempted to use Adobe Premier, but honestly don’t have the time, nor the patience to learn it. I also couldn’t justify the fees for usage. So now I use Filmora’s Wondershare. There’s a free version and a paid. The paid version comes with a lot of perks, at a (in my opinion) much more affordable price + is user friendly & has numerous tutorials for anything you might need help with. (It does lack a lot of the “luster” Premier offers, but I’m not looking to make Hollywood grade films.)

Storage wise, I don’t use any sites. I have no trust in a site to store my content at all. T.O.S. change, sites shut down, we get banned without warning, etc… I’ll occasionally use WeTransfer to send files if need be. DropBox was ideal before they changed their T.O.S. But I like WeTransfer because nothing it saved forever and you can control (like D.B.) how long the link is good for. I only use external hard drives to store my content. 

Does putting up previews on platforms like Twitter of your clips help your sales? Did you notice a raise in sales when you started doing this? I don’t typically post a ton of video teasers, as I want the client to visit my site page(s). The more traffic on a site & clicks on your previews (typically) helps you out in numerous ways. Ex: On M.V. when someone watches a preview of a vid, it shows up on the homepage/”being viewed” page. Plus the more views said video gets, the better the odds you have of being seen on their other search pages. (Like the “most viewed” section.) 

Previews are an absolute must though! I find promos with some sort of image attached grabs more attention and gets more exposure than a plain text with link one would. But enticing instead of giving it all away is the best method to me.

Your social media presence is amazing. What do you think is the most important thing a girl can do to secure her fanbase on and off social media? Be all inclusive! Don’t make anyone feel as though they are ostracized from your little community. The more your fans can relate, the more interactive they’ll be with you. Which in turn, means the more you’ll see of them! And others seeing so will pull in more traction!

So then how do you keep your fans engaging with your social media posts? I try to make my posts fun and interactive! Polls, questions, talking about interests (ex: music or movies) are all great ways to get people’s attention and strike up a conversation! Plus when your following feels like they’re getting a say in upcoming content, they’ll feel more inclined to make a purchase when it’s released. 

What are some of your favorite places to get costuming/toys etc? Amazon! How cliché, right? Hah! It’s hard to find deals that beat Amazon though! Especially if you want to get everything in 1 order vs 20 different sites. A problematic favorite would also be DollsKill. I hate to love them, but some of their goods are just irresistible! Anything else, I end up Googling for hours when I’m bored and come across some rad stuff. So it’s a bit all over the place… 

Speaking of fav toys to use, which bad dragon toy is your favorite to film with? This is a toughy! I think I’d have to go with Chance, unflared. While I like the flared version, I don’t “stretch” as much as I used to. So the flare can be uncomfortable when I’m not properly trained for it. (I only use medium+ sizes, as their smalls are way too small for me. And the size jump is drastic.) The unflared offers more ease of play, as you don’t need to prep to use it. And given the long shaft that tapers out gradually (unlike knotting toys) it’s perfect for comfortable riding in multiple positions! The only downside is that you can’t get this specific toy with a suction cup. 

Last but not least… what is one thing you would like to tell your newbie self as a seasoned pro now? STAY MINDFUL FOR YOUR SAFETY!! When I started, I lacked the knowledge of how easy it is to look someone up by usernames alone… I started off using screen names I had used for my personal life.  Making it not only easier for members to invade my personal boundaries and shake my safety, but for those in my personal life to dig up my business. Turning off geo tags on your cameras and social media is incredibly important too!! You’ve really gotta be aware of this stuff at ALL times. The smallest slip up can have major repercussions… You’re your #1. You gotta look out for you over everything <3

Find more of Cattie’s content and links on her Twitter @CatCandescent

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