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Cassie Curses

Cassie Curses

Cassie Curses got her start in the adult industry via Snapchat and has easily grown to be one of the most sought after memberships to join. With her creativity and dedication, she has done amazing making her mark on the adult world one show at a time.

Running a Snapchat is unlike any other job out there. What in your opinion is the hardest thing about the Snapchat business? I would say the hardest thing is when my accounts are disabled, which seems to happen constantly. 

What are some things you do to keep your members re-subscribing? Do you offer any one on one attention, do you feel its the quality of the work you put out etc? Quality and consistency are definitely key. I don’t ‘half ass’ anything because I love doing what I do. I make an effort to have one-on-one conversations with my members.  While it can be hard to keep up with the pool of constant messages, I really try to dedicate time specifically for replying to everyone.

What made you choose FanCentro specifically for your hosting site? What benefits do you feel like you get with their platform you wouldn’t get elsewhere? I love how user-friendly the dashboard is. More importantly, I like the control I have on my promos and the fact I can see every single transaction and percentages. This helps me with any issue I come across in a timely manner. The tools on the platform has given me the opportunity for my ambition to match my hustle. Since I joined FanCentro, I was able to triple my income within 3 months of joining.  I think it was because I can track my performance and numbers. I have the freedom to change it up as I please. I also think FanCentro does an amazing job on advertising the site which sparks great traffic. FanCentro seems to evolve with the market and I benefit from that.

Without diving into how much you make from Snap alone, how long did it take you to build up to a level where you feel it has solely been supporting you? Do you feel like your social media presence helped jumpstart that process? I know this sounds cliche but I started from the bottom. I never gave up trying to build up to where I am now. Most of all, I keep going even when I get shut down on social media.

It’s been a main source of financial support from the start. I started doing Snapchat on my own, taking payment through payment apps and keeping track on an excel spreadsheet sheet. Four months later, I met with a good friend of mine during a photoshoot. I told him what I was doing and how much I was making. He created a platform to host his girlfriends Snap that processed payments and rebills. Then I joined him and quit my ‘regular’ job the week. I recognized the potential and my $15 dollar and hour job just couldn’t stack up. 

When it comes to social media what do you feel is important to remember when branding yourself/advertising your shows? NOT SPAMMING.  No one watches TV for the commercials; stay focused on what the customer is their for. Keep it real.  While I try to just be myself, I also try to make sure there’s something for everyone. I like to be versatile and have variety. 

Has Pornhub helped your exposure at all/helped you to more subscribers? Do you think this is a helpful tool to models who maybe don’t have a large social media following? Oftentimes I’ll get a member who says they found me on Pornhub. I make sure I keep all my social media and paid content links updated on my PH profile.  I also think is fair for the hardcore or long time supporters who might not be able to afford my paid content to have access to my goods. I don’t put much on there, of course but I like to give everyone a little something. Everyone should be able to get a piece of me.  

You’re amazing at public shows, can you talk a little about how you manage to get awesome shows despite the “fear” of being caught? Do you take any precautions before hand like scoping out the area for the best spot, having a lookout etc? I was really nervous the very first time I did one.  After the first one went well, I was more worried about the quality.  Public shows tend to be pretty fast shows. I always try to make sure is not an area where there might be kids.  Everything else I just leave it up to adventure. Honestly, I kind of have a thing for public shows. I get turned on.  I really get off at the feeling of getting caught. It like, the riskier the better. Until I get arrested for indecency or something of course.

A lot of models are under the impression that strictly doing masturbation shows won’t do well for them over time, yet you’ve done amazing for yourself with JUST that. What do you think is the reason for your ability to really do whatever the hell you want? I don’t do the EXACT same thing everyday. Not always in the same spot nor with the same toy. I make sure I get different angles, good lighting, different outfits, different fetishes and roleplay. NEVER be boring I also have a really high sex drive…I love to masturbate, I love to try new things and I love making my self cum constantly. I’ve never faked an orgasm and I’m sure my followers could back that up.

So what does a typical start to finish day of filming look like for you? Wake up at 5 AM, make coffee, work on my phones for an hour to catch up with the overnight stuff, go to the gym, eat breakfast, shower and get dolled up. Of course, I’m skipping the part where I get my children up, take them to school, band/swim/ball practices or whatever other family shit I have going on. I keep my private life private, and balancing my Snap stuff with my private life has been challenging. When I find a solid few hours to work, I film my Snapchat show’s build up and post it. I then film the actual show and post it on the premium. Between makeup and filming, it’s usually 2-4 hours a day minimum. I try to time it so that the new show can be posted as the previous one expires. When I have extra time I film 2 or 3 shows, which I save for future posts.

When you’ve done shows with other models how do you both/all decide what you want to film and what steps do you take to ensure everyone has the same quality show to sell/play to their members? First we make sure we know what the other model Dos and Don’ts are.  Sometimes we just really click with each other and the rest is history. 

I personally like to sign up for the other models content and see what their work is like. Kind of like research.  I like to know what I can expect and what is possible for when we meet up and film.

You recently filmed a show in a Tesla, which is fucken AWESOME by the way. I really just would love to hear the creative process behind that. (Seriously it’s brilliant!) I’ve been doing Snapchat shows for 5 years and sometimes I feel stuck trying to come up with new ideas. Sometimes I feel like I’ve done almost every kind of show possible. I was doing a show in my car in the Target parking lot when a Tesla pulled in and parked next to me. Boom! I knew what my next adventure would be. The Tesla didn’t have tinted windows, and the majority of the show was done on the freeways in San Francisco during rush hour. So it was risky, but exciting. 

How long or how many Snaps would you estimate is a typical show for you? Do you only post one a day or is that determined by the length of the show? I personally post one show a day. I think say that a show needs to be 10 minutes minimum. 

Most or my shows are around 15 to 20 minutes.  Sometimes longer depending on how turned on and creative I get.  Sometimes I just get in the zone and the show is really hot…those ones might be longer.

Do you offer anything else besides Snap like merchandise, Skype shows, sexting etc? I used to, but I’m too busy. I try to focus all my time doing what I do best. I’d like to offer other things, but there’s only 24 hours in a day. My time is valuable and I try to use wisely. From time to time, I will get a great Skype/sext session offer that is really worth my time. So I have done other things besides Snap. I may do more of that in the future, but for now I want to focus my time on what’s working for me rather than doing a million things doing poorly. Quality over quantity.

Do you have any advice for a model who is thinking about running a fuck a fan contest? Make sure you are smart about it and keep it safe. Testing and security should come first. You don’t know who you’ll be dealing with. It may be awkward, but you’re both there to fuck. Have fun with it. 

Is there any bit of advice you wish you could go back and give to yourself when you first started this? Just wish I started sooner. Seriously.

Find more of Cassie’s content and links on her Twitter @CassieCurses

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