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Bianca Baker

Bianca Baker

Bianca Baker has 7 years experience in the fetish modeling and clipmaking world. With over 3,000 videos in this genre alone, it’s safe to say she’s a verified badass! We wanted to get her expertise opinion on sites like NiteFlirt and her preferred clipsite Clips4Sale.

What has made you choose to sell your clips on Clips4Sale versus other sites like IWantClips and ManyVids? Clips4sale has been around 15 years and has the best traffic. Support is always amazing and if you need anything extra Neil gives you his personal cell phone number. 

Can you explain what it’s like being an independent clipmaker and if there was ever a moment you considered the presence of an agency to represent you in professional porn? So I started out as a cam model (on Streamate) I have never done pro porn, I have never wanted to do pro porn. I have always been very creative and fetish friendly so a friend of mine had suggested Clips4Sale. She told me I would be awesome at it and so I went and looked. I got intrigued and opened my studio, at first I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t make any money. It took me a while to figure it out. I have actually never had an agency approach me, I have never taken money from a producer (even on a smaller scale) and shot for someone else’s studio. I strictly content trade and do not really get hired. I prefer to have the creative freedom over my content and the people I am working with I appreciate there art and there vision and it’s normally categories I already shoot in.

What is your best selling content on clip sites and why do you think that is so popular? My #1 selling category is Taboo and I have an actual kink so I do know thats why it is my most popular category. Following taboo is: Vore, Transformation Fantasies, Vampires, Executrix and Forced Bi. Again I think because I have real life fetishes in each of these categories it makes it extremely easy for me to play the role and make creative interesting content. 

When you film with other models do you both talk about what kind of content you are looking to make and communicate what boundaries each other has? How do you split up the content so you each have an equal/fair amount? I content trade which means I get a clip for my studio and they get a clip for there studio. So there is no worrying about splitting or sharing content and most models work like this. When you share content one person is more popular it just works out that way. So when the person puts it up one model ends up not making as much or anything. This is just unfair and better to just content trade and get your own content and they get there content. We talk about categories/limits/etc extensively. 

Can you talk a little bit about how filming boy/girl content is similar and different to girl/girl? Do you feel like your boy/girl content has helped you gain fans? So I actually just started filming b/g last year; I am very particular with male performers and make sure their body of work is what I am looking for. Working with a guy is definitely different since a girl can shoot as long as she can where a guy is limited. I think me being creative is what sells clips for me whether it’s b/g, g/g or solo so to be honest I do not think it has helped me gain or lose fans.

For models who aren’t familiar with NiteFlirt can you talk about why you like it and why you feel you are succexxxful on this website? First I love to roleplay and I love talking; I actually have massive phone anxiety but for some reason NiteFlirt feels right. I love domination and I am very experienced and I don’t lead a normal lifestyle. I think with my real life not being so normal and my passion being clip making and all my kinks I attract a lot of people because I am not fake. I love having the control of making money and bidding on my line and not sitting in front of a cam anymore it’s been life changing.

Do you build regulars on your Clips For Sale/NiteFlirt? If so is there any correspondence? For clips4sale they don’t really email you or message you unless they are getting a custom video as far as NiteFlirt goes all my subs are amazing and I have had the best luck with NiteFlirt. All my regulars have been extremely wonderful and some I have had almost the full 7 years.

What do you think is the most important thing a model can do to secure her fanbase on and off social media? I actually do not really like social media and being on Clips4Sale and NiteFlirt with how much traffic I get I don’t really need Twitter or Tumblr. Which with the recent laws is great so I think you have to be smart and treat this like a business. 

That makes a lot of sense. Seeing as you do have a Twitter with a substantially large following, does uploading previews to it help your sales at all? I do not use previews I feel people will not buy the clip but I do make my own GIFS and write awesome descriptions.

You’ve been able to stay relevant in the adult industry where the lifespan of a models career is generally not past 5 years. How do you think you’ve been able to achieve that? I have been doing this 7 years now so I have already exceeded the 5 years and I can actually comfortably retire doing this. I have just stayed creative, I teach myself special effects, I have a crazy work ethic. I also have a passion and love for what I do. I have invested and saved and have been extremely smart with my money. 

What are some underrated websites you think some models can take advantage of to earn extra income? NiteFlirt for sure!!! 

What are some computer programs/tools/essentials you couldn’t live without for clipmaking? Final Cut Pro, Handbrake & a Converter (to convert your mp4’s to wmvs).

Find more of Bianca’s content and links on her Twitter @BiancaBaker

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