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Icicles No 27

Pipedream No 27 Icicles Glass Massager

One great thing about Amazon is that you can create a wishlist of items you want and fans/customers can purchase these for you. The Pipedream No 27 Icicles Glass Massager didn’t last very long on my wishlist at all! It is a gorgeous purple color which immediately drew me in, and the detail of the ribbing on it looked too great to pass up. Overall I really like the brand Pipedream and trust them so I gave it a shot.

Now one of my favorite glass massagers, this one was unlike any other I have tried in the past. Sometimes with glass there is this unmistakable feeling that you have a very hard object inside of you versus something that flexes with your body. I didn’t get that sensation from this at all. There was no uncomfortability at initial contact nor was there any build up of pain with the ribbing. The sleek design of this toy is very eye catching and aesthetically pleasing when I used it for videos. Although the bottom of it does resemble a plug, I wouldn’t necessarily use it as one because of the design. On the inside panel it informs you that this is safe for running under warm water and also for freezing for different sensations. It is nonporous, hypoallergenic and can even be thrown in the dishwasher for cleanup if you aren’t a fan of purchasing toy cleaners. 

I give the Pipedream No 27 Icicles Glass Massager a solid 10/10! Originally wanted it because of the color and soon realized it was actually a very worthwhile purchase. Especially for anyone who is picky about their glass massagers. Anyone from beginning to expert can enjoy this toy and it will easily become one of your favorites too!

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