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OnlyFans “Scandal” Aftermath

While many content creators were voicing their opinions and pleas of change to OnlyFans, there is yet to be an official statement made addressing the Bella Thorne “scandal” weeks later. Since the controversy, her sister Kaili has joined just shortly after harassing and belittling sex workers publicly on Instagram. Seemingly a huge slap in the face to those upset by the lack of clarity about capped tip amounts and this (now fake) documentary Thorne planned on. So what the hell is the deal with OnlyFans and all the rumours? In order to understand we have to look at this from the other side of the coin for a second.

While OnlyFans may be a sex worker thing, there are other creators on there period. That’s something we are all going to have to accept and understand because that is not under our control. If it wasn’t for the “vanilla” pages OnlyFans wouldn’t have the same ability to advertise like they do in places that will NOT promote you if you’re high risk- AKA adult entertainment. Many payment processors are like this, it’s nothing new. I recently conducted a poll on Twitter that asked why other content sites like OnlyFans are not as popular. The highest polling vote was for traffic, with too many options (on the platform) coming in second. Clearly the ability to advertise to a wide audience is a key factor in their success.

One could easily make the point that having OnlyFans brought to mainstream attention might cause a trickle down effect. Individuals who would never have visited now have an account and there is a chance, small as it may be, that this will help you. What will not help you, however, is the hundreds if not thousands of sex worker tourists flocking to the site. These models over charge, over promise, under deliver (if they deliver at all) and are causing massive charge backs. The flaw that Bella Thorne exploited has always existed for platforms like this, it’s how they choose to handle it that speaks on their ethics. This is why understanding all the practices of the platforms you are selling your content on is really, really important.

Sites do things like capping tip amounts to protect all creators from the ones who are misusing the site and causing these issues. Do you honestly think OnlyFans wants to cap tip amounts and miss out on easy money? For all my stripper babes remember that guy who tried to dispute the 5 hour champagne room just to be sent a receipt with his fingerprint on it? This is the same damn thing just a different realm without musty carpet smell and shitty laser lights. Sadly because of the bad apples, like the groups targeting sex workers pages to fuck with them, websites have to take certain actions when shit hits the fan. 

Sites like ManyVids announced in 2016 they were covering chargebacks in full. Niteflirt is another as well as I Want Clips. In my opinion, we see other platforms stepping up to protect their creators and it is a shame we don’t see OnlyFans doing the same. Agree or disagree, I think many models would rather donate a small percentage of their earnings than deal with capped amounts and chargebacks falling on their shoulders. For now all we can do is look at this from their perspective and try to put ourselves in their shoes. Only time will tell if OnlyFans is prepared to make permanent changes that could have positive affects for their content creators. 

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