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Websites That Don't Require Webcam

Websites That Don’t Require Webcam

A lot of people are curious about working the online adult industry, but don’t necessarily have time to dedicate building up a camroom. Like SextPanther, there has to be other options available that don’t require such a high level of dedication. Let’s face it just being on social media alone means you get hit up daily for pictures. You don’t have to be a model of any sort for requests to be piling up in your “other” inbox. (Usually it’s for pictures of your feet and trust me I’ll cover that in another article one day.)

If you’re thinking of trying a more low key website for income, here are a few great places that do not require you to ever turn on a webcam or take years to increase your succexxx.

The first website is which involves a lot of paid messaging interaction. New models go through a voting-on process before their accounts become active. They seem to favor models who are new to the industry instead of established models- so the less adult sites you are apart of the better. MyGurlFund is very strict with any offsite payments or exchanges of any personal information including social media names. If someone wants to find your Twitter, it’s best to let them figure it out on their own and not risk deletion. There is a live cam option, as well as a blog and “snap” page (brand new as of this year) open for all models to post to. Posting a blog/snap are great ways to attract new customers to your profile. You can sell any kind of video from short clips to full length videos. When a member wants to purchase a video, they send credits and gain access to the vid. With no download feature the member must be logged in to view it. For every paid message a model responds to, they get one credit. 1 credit = $1. A model keeps a percentage of that dollar, which is determined based on their “level”. For every couple thousand dollars earned, you level up and keep a higher percentage of your earnings. MyGurlFund can pay you by direct deposit or paper check. Direct deposits cost about $5 every time you cash out and usually takes about 3 days to transfer. Paper checks have a minimum of $500 to request a payout.*

NiteFlirt is primarily a phone sex network. While there is no webcam or schedule needed here, you do need to be able to actually take calls. How this site works is you create a unique listing and once approved, you can start selling. Since it’s primarily calls the breakdown for earnings is a little different than other services. Live calls is 70%, recorded are 50% and paid messaging is 70% take home. You are able to sell different forms of media like video, audio clips and picture bundles but no clothing items. They refer to this as goodies. A big seller to this site, they allow subscriptions. Hustling on this hard and get enough members to subscribe to you for a price, it’ll be a huge help to your payouts!! NiteFlirt does ACH deposit and checks for U.S. sellers, and wire transfer for anyone outside the states. The minimum for payout on this site is only $10. is unique as the member is directly connected with a model who is 100% interested in fulfilling their order. This direct line from buyer to consumer, where customers can actually put out a “wanted” ad and receive models interested in acting out their specific request, is a win for both parties. Seeing as they’re a European based company they allow a much wider range of fetishes, like religious roleplay. They offer the ability to sell Skype shows but there’s no way to actually webcam on their site. You can sell videos here for a price that members download. There is also a free download feature. This helps members get a glimpse of what you can offer them for customs etc. Selling your phone number access here is safe as they actually have you connect to their ExtraLunchMoney phone system and chose your price per message. Something specific to them is a crowdfunding ability where you set a goal and announce what you will do when you reach it in one month. Selling clothing items is permitted and, yes, you’ll be asked for socks and lingerie! For the buyer 1 credit is $1 and they have a discount if they purchase a larger amount of credits. For the model, you get a 60-65% commission on sales. They do ACH deposit and checks for U.S. sellers, 105 credit minimum. For sellers outside of the U.S. they payout via Paxum. The minimum payout is only 40 credits.**

While there are many other websites that can offer you similar services these are a good mix of places to start that are credible. All of them have their own stable flow of customers and rapport for their brand. Like any type of adult work how much succexxx you have will be dependent upon your ability to log in and put forth effort. Remember that it takes trial and error on any network to really see progress!

*Information provided by Jasmine Flick
**Information provided by Vivian Dash


  1. Just a heads up on MyGirlFund – they’ve been having a lot of server issues lately and there is not a lot of internal traffic. Also the wait times for getting accepted can be upwards of 6 months!

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