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Use Cross Promotion

Use Cross Promotion

It’s always surprising how many models on social media don’t know what cross promotion means. One of the easiest ways to promote yourself is to do something called SFS which stands for Shout For Shout. What this means is another model will send you a photo of themselves that you post and tag them in exchange for them doing the same for you. Just send a picture you like that best represents you! This is what we call cross promotion. It’s an easy way for you to gain some of their followers and do the same for them.

A typical DM can look like this:

Some people expect it to stay up for a full 24 hours, some people don’t. This is where you both will need to have some type of communication about where you’re posting and for how long.

Don’t be afraid to DM someone that has more followers than you even if it’s drastically higher. ALL eyes matter and if they’re business driven they should understand you can get just as many adds from someone with 5,000 followers as you can from someone with 50,000. The hardest part about this is getting models who don’t know you yet to reply to you. The best advice is to understand their inbox is busy and try emailing. If after emailing there is still no communication, move on to the next model. 

Some will want you to compensate them for it, if you don’t want to pay for it simply move on. There is never any reason to be rude about that as this is a source of side income for large accounts. In this situation, you usually don’t post them as you are paying for their story space and that negates any need for you to. 

Another awesome help is exchanging engagements! DM a model and let them know you’ll like and comment on the last 10 pictures, and they do the same for you. Many models actually create groups for this exact purpose and everyone in the group engages with each other’s posts. How many people interact with your page on a daily basis is very important on these apps. If you can set a few seconds aside to do this for each other you’ll notice an improvement.

One precaution to take is to be sparing. Accounts that are constantly getting deleted are not good to associate yourself with. This is usually of no fault to them and the focus of this is not to alienate anyone. Use your discretion and gut to decide if this is someone you should be cross promoting.

The best thing to do as a precaution to dealing with deletion is to create a backup account you urge people to follow. It is really the only guarantee anyone would be able to find you again.

Using cross promotion with any pages can be beneficial for both of you since new eyes are essential for growth. Your main focus should be with the conversation between the both of you to achieve whatever it is that you both are looking for. Remember that some will expect to be paid for their promo space and that’s absolutely fine! Even suggested as something to try later down the line. Always make sure you follow through with your word and post the models who agree to trade, and in no time you should see your followers start growing!


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