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Guest article written by Sheena Rose. Sheena is a former Burning Angel who currently webcams on Streamate and films her own fetish clips. You can find more of Sheena on her Twitter.

How much do you make
When you start out working from home you will make 30%. After working for a steady amount of time you will make 35%. If someone uses your cammodels link to sign up you get 40% of what they spend on you and 20% of what they spend on other models. Streamate is not a token site. It is based off of the dollar amount. It is important to know that the rate you choose is not what you get paid. You get the percentage of the rate you choose, gold shows, and tips.

Streamate models are the models that appear live on Pornhub. They are also on multiple other sites. There is a lot of traffic on Streamate. One great affiliate site to Streamate is Cammodels. If you post your Cammodels link to your fans and they sign up under your link you get a higher percentage. 

Using your cammodels link
Your cammodels link is your Streamate 


When someone uses this link, you will get 40% of what this person spends on you. If they spend on another cam model you will get 20% of what they spend on that cammodel.  

Type of shows
Private shows- Private shows are where a customer takes you to a private chat and anyone else can also join. These are great because you can have 2 people in the room and get paid double. In private shows you don’t (unless you want) usually cater to one person. So, if someone wants a SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) fetish show and is in private, you’d tell him to join exclusive so it can just be you two. But again, it is your room, you can do it however you like, and whatever makes you money.

Exclusive shows- This is a one on one show. You would normally charge higher for this. Customers who go into one on one shows usually like fetishes, their names moaned, role plays, or just one on one time. Some customers just don’t like to share.  

Gold shows- Gold shows are a great way to give your customers a taste of what you got! You write a description and set how long your show is going to be, you set a countdown, a goal, and how much it is to join the show. For example. You write your description and it is going to be an anal gold show. You will start the show once it gets to 100 Gold and it costs 5 Gold to join. And you give all your videos to the highest tipper. Customers tip in during your countdown and once you reach your goal you do your show. Customers like to join gold shows to get a taste of your show before they take you to a long private or exclusive chat. Gold shows are activated once you have worked a consistent amount of time.  

Having a tip vibe makes you more money and makes things more fun! Tip vibes only work while you’re streaming on SM Connect. If you’re using SMBroadcast, it will not work. 

SM Connect vs SMBroadcast
Streamate has been working on a new way to stream. Eventually SM Connect will be the only way you can stream on SM. Right now, it is still in BETA. SM connect has a lot of new and fun features such as a better c2c, tip menu, tip vibe set up, and more. To get front page placement and to get the best quality stream you must be using SM Connect or the newest version of SMBroadcast. 

Rules of shows
There are a lot of Streamate rules. I am going to list the ones they have and if you would like to know the details of the rules here is the link to their code of conduct:  


Once you have a basic understanding of how the site works it is time to sign up! 

Signing up
First things first, you have to sign up to be a model. You have to be 18 years old. You can choose to work from home or work from a studio. If you do not have the space to cam a lot of cities have cam studios where they use Streamate as their platform. Check Craigslist in your city to see if any cam studios are hiring. If you decide to work from home it will take about a week to approve your ID (front, back, and next to your face) your W9, and your profile photo. 

Once approved
Congratulations! You are now a streamate girl! Now it is time to get started. You’re on the new model page for the first few weeks make sure you take advantage of that! Every time someone comes in your room or takes you to a private tell them to favorite you, rate you, tag you, and leave you a comment. Whenever someone favorites you, you automatically show up on their front page. 

Setting up your profile
Your profile and what it says is very important. Most people read your profile to see what you have to offer. They also check your tags and comments. So, it is important that when signing up for SM you select the categories that fit you best. For example, red hair, big ass, bbw, etc are all categories that people will look up and find you in if that is the category you put yourself in. When people tag you it also helps members find you. For example, someone tags “tattoos” someone who is into tattoos will look up the tattoo tag and find you. Your profile is broken down like this : 

Basic Profile 

  • Name: Sam Jones 
  • Age: 18 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Sexual Preference: Bisexual 
  • Country: US 
  • Zodiac: Aries 


  • Height: 5’3″ (1.6m)
  • Weight: 120 lbs (46kg)
  • Hair Color: Red 
  • Eye Color: Green 
  • Build: Petite 
  • Ethnicity: White 
  • Cup Size: C 
  • Pubic Hair: Bush 
  • Measurements: 32-24-34″ (81-61-86cm)
  • Kinky Attributes: Feet, Anal, Roleplay, Deepthroat, Gagging 

None (Model must be streaming to see Features)

About My Show
This is where you write about what you offer in your show. The more detailed and dirty you are the better!

What Turns Me On
Whatever turns you on goes here. Again, make it detailed and dirty. You want the customer to already be so turned on that they cannot turn away.

My Expertise
What are you good at? Deep throat? Femdom? Whatever it is, make sure you are descriptive.  

My Tags
This is where your tags are from your customers. The more the better. The good thing about tags is you can block ones you do not like. Sometimes customers will tag mean things because of one reason or another. 

Next to your about me on your profile is My Videos. It is a gallery of videos you put up to sell. You upload a video and once you add the price and the detailed title it will go into approval. It takes about a week to be approved and it must follow these guidelines:

-File size must be no larger than 2GB.
-File formats accepted are: .mp4 .mpeg .mkv .mpg .wmv .mov .avi .flv
-For copyright reasons, NO music other than what we provide from our music library is allowed in videos.
-Only approved performers on this account are allowed to appear in uploaded videos. 

Once your video has been approved it is ready to sell in your gallery. Videos are also great to use as something to giveaway to the highest tippers.

You upload your videos through a “videos” link on your model home page. 

Next to videos is your photos where you’ve uploaded photos to albums you create.  

Photos has broken down albums for you already. All, Live, Scheduled, Unsubmitted, Pending, Rejected, and Trash. When you go to upload new photos to your album they will be submitted for approval. Again, it takes about a week to go live. They cannot have a water mark.

Next to photos is your Free Videos. When you upload a new video, it gives you the option to make it free. It cannot be XXX rated and usually it is an introduction video to who you are, your show, and whatever else you want to put out there.

Then there is Member Comments. This is where the customer leaves you comments. They cannot leave you a comment or rate you unless they have been in a private show with you.  

Then lastly there is your schedule. You edit this on your model home page.

So now that your profile is done it is time to navigate the site.  

On the front page of your model home page you will see your earnings. What you see is what you get. SM does not have tokens, it is based off of dollar amount. There is no math involved, no trying to figure out how many nickels you need to make $2, what you see on your earnings is what your paycheck is.  

Your rating is where you can see how people rated you. Click on your stars and it will show you what people rated you 1-5. They stay up there for a week but it all averages together.  

Your favorites is how many active members have you favorited. When someone adds you to their favs, you will appear on their front page. 

Tags. Tags are very important. This is where you can see what people have tagged you. It makes it easier for members to find you when you have a lot of tags. You are able to block tags you do not like. 

Time online shows how long you’ve worked, how many minutes of that time you were paid, and then it shows a percentage of how much of your time was spent being paid.  

Registered Account Owner is where you upload all of your identification and forms for tax purposes. 

Payment history shows your history of payments. Pay periods begin and end on Saturday. It is in GMT time, so make sure you know what time the pay period ends for your time zone. 

Add performer to account. This is VERY VERY important if you want to sell videos with another performer or work with another performer. SM is very strict on their rules and someone you’re working with MUST be approved by them.  

Account preferences where you can choose your time zone, show your nickname in contests, opt in new SM features, send updates to your email.   

The center of the model home page is where you can edit your profile. After you have edited everything and set up your profile you will notice there is geo restrictions. Here you can block any place in the world from seeing your profile. 

Confidential phone service is where you can set up your phone number and customers can call you in paid or private chat. You can set it up to where they can only call you in exclusive or both. 

On the side you have your news where SM shows you all of their updates. Keep an eye over here because you need to know when to update your broadcaster or when there is a contest going on.

Rates and shows
You can set up your private and exclusive chat rate anything you want! Don’t let anyone tell you that your rate is too high or too low. Private is usually the cheaper one and exclusive is more expensive. Reason being is because exclusive is just you and that one customer. Private anyone can join.  

Block sessions is where you can give a discount to your customer for joining a long show.  

Streamate is completely different from most popular camming sites and is overlooked by models because of this. I wanted to simplify and explain the process for any model who is thinking of signing up! I’ve been a dedicated cammodel on Streamate for years and couldn’t picture myself on any other platform. 

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