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Start Filming Clips

Start Filming Clips

One of my favorite things to show models is how easy it is to film your own clips at home! When I first started I was on a Reddit topic where some user was making a joke that all females are solo clip artists now instead of mainstream pornstars. It seemed funny to me at the time, but with sites like ManyVids that type of regular income is absolutely attainable. So how do you start from nothing and make your own amazing amateur clips?

The awesome thing is almost everyone at this point has at least some kind of phone with a camera that records video. If you’re lucky enough to have a more recent model of iPhone/Android as long as you turn your phone sideways and use the real camera, not the front facing camera, you’ll be filming in 1080p! Since a majority of your audience is going to be watching this on their phones, the quality really isn’t something to be extremely concerned about. But don’t let me keep you from filming in 4K cause that shit is baller as fuck and will sell any day! But for the sake of this how to, let’s start with simple, easy start up ideas for you to play around with.

These are things that I recommend for filming to make it easier for you in the long run. I have always been an iPhone user so I don’t know too much about Android. However I will go based on user experience from people in my inner circle. Suggestions are always welcome for specific iPhone/Android apps or products!

Remotes are decently cheap from Amazon, usually around the $6-16 range. These are helpful for picture and video taking when you are not able to use a self timer. Sometimes these can be annoying as they connect via Bluetooth and you will get an occasional one that refuses to connect. I have found that playing with the settings usually gets it to act right, but ordering a new one isn’t a bad idea either for your stress level. I’ve angrily fucked with a remote long enough to figure out it wanted me to press the volume button before I started recording. It took me so long to figure it out and for that time, I could have just returned it and got another one. My advice- don’t waste too much time with them if they are messed up and just get a new one.

Phone tripods are a gift from heaven. They even have ones with bendable legs that you can wrap around poles or other surfaces to accommodate to your surroundings. It’s been one of my must have items since I started making clips. I used one around a car’s brace bar and it ended up being a perfect fit! They have stationary ones as well which work just as good, you just can’t mold them to your desired shape. I always have one of these in my purse when I’m filming because they come in handy 99% of the time!

Phone ring lights are super cheesy but they really do make a difference when you’re taking pics and in certain filming situations. These can also come as a phone case with a front facing light built in. The clip on ones are super convenient and easy to remove. Now this isn’t for all clips, it usually only comes in handy for POV stuff. If you want better lighting quality, I recommend splurging on one awesome studio light. Always make sure to use white light bulbs too! Makes a huge difference. The ring lights are soooo essential for your lighting quality, you’ll notice an immediate improvement.

My final recommendation would be to download some kind of app for editing you can use on your phone and tablet. Or even your computer if you want to go that route. Amazingly enough, I used iMovie for the longest time and still do to this day for some videos. It’s the most user friendly interface out there and that makes it perfect for beginners. You can add intro text and fade out or in from black screen. It doesn’t have many diverse editing tools but it gets the job done!

I’m sure at this point you’re probably really wondering if that’s all you need to do this. It seems insanely easy.. because it is! The hardest part besides the shitty temperamental remotes is getting your angles right. This is different for everyone so that’ll be something you discover or already know since the Myspace days. It’s a really easy process to start out under $150 and make quality videos WITHOUT purchasing a DSLR. Remember, this is about starting up and getting comfortable with everything. There will be a more detailed explanation for how recording with a DSLR works and how Adobe Premiere can change your life. Soon enough! Baby steps!! Practice your angles and lighting and in no time you’ll be upgrading your equipment when you see how much fun this is!


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