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Sex Worker Twitter

Is Your Sex Work Twitter Not Making Sales? This May Be Why. 

Guest article written by Alice. Alice is a professional dominatrix & content creator of 13 years. She enjoys educating about the fetish lifestyle, producing podcasts, and reviewing sex toys. 

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform. Sadly, a vast majority of you aren’t utilizing it to it’s true advantage. 

Fact: For a celebrity with 200k+ devoted followers, specifically followers who already know them as a public figure, love and trust them; it’s a great platform for consumer conversion. With that kind of notoriety, it is much easier to take a random follower & convince them to become a loyal customer.

For the rest of us, though, who aren’t quite celebrity status? It is a great platform for networking and dialogue with your PEERS and EXISTING CUSTOMERS. A peer would be a fellow sex worker, or someone sex-work adjacent — like an erotic photographer, a talent manager, or a SW-friendly graphics designer!  An existing customer would be someone who already purchases your services or products and would like to continue to do so. You can use your Twitter to improve communication and the overall experience with this sort of follower to help continue to build that customer relationship!

Most of the quality interactions you will have on Twitter with new contacts just discovering you, though, will be with other industry professionals.  That’s just not for our industry, either. Twitter marketing experts will tell you this about the vanilla world, too! You can meet people who also work in your field on Twitter, network with them, get to know them and collaborate with them or learn from them. Do not discount that resource, it is invaluable and will eventually lead to better sales!

But here’s the thing. Making sales requires a HUGE volume of traffic. Let’s say the average for targeted traffic — that is to say, relevant, interested potential customers! — is 1000 views to make a single sale. (That’s just a ballpark number, because there are a lot of variable factors. For example if you have much less targeted traffic, maybe you will need 5000 views to make a sale. If you have access to more targeted traffic, maybe 100 views to make a sale.)

We won’t get into that right now, though. Let’s use 1000 views right now as a medium for this example. Working with 1000 views per sale, let’s say you have 10,000 followers. Half of them are other sex workers, retailers, and random bots that added you trying to pad the numbers on their account with a follow back. So in essence you now have 5000 new potential customers following you. 

Out of those 5000 new potentials, probably 2% at best will be reached by your tweet. *

That leaves you with 100 potential clients who truly pay attention to your tweet. Giving you a 1% chance of a single sale off of that Tweet. For perspective, that means one sale every 100 sales tweets you make. Of course, if you just make 100 sales Tweets in a row, it’s unlikely anyone will be reading your Tweets at all at that point!  If you’re constantly spamming sales tweets, your percentage of actually reached folks goes down even more. No one wants to read sales tweets all the time, and moreover no one engages with them (replies) so your account will quickly get shifted lower in Twitter’s relevant content algorithm. 

MOST of your followers are here for quality content, not a sales pitch! So. Assuming you aren’t a celebrity of some type, (and if you are — I don’t know how to help you if you’re not getting enough sales, make better content probably!) here are some ideas to leverage this platform to its real strengths.

Use Twitter to: 

  • Network with other professionals. 
  • Improve relationships with existing customers.

And there it is. Item #2 there. EXISTING CUSTOMERS, that is — people who buy content & services — WILL be checking your Twitter feed occasionally. You can use this to your advantage in many ways, for sure.  If you do not have existing customers yet, then you will not be making sales from your tweets. You need to build that base up first. You cannot simply whip up a twitter account, post a half dozen pictures, and follow 200 other sex workers, and expect to make sales.

Until you have a name for yourself & a proper customer base. Use Twitter for networking. You might meet SW friendly lawyers, graphic designers, etc etc. VALUABLE connections. But nah, you’re not gonna just wake up rich one day because you made a Twitter account. A LOT of this stuff is marketing maths, and you will get slightly different results for yourself. You can learn some of these calculations by researching analytics, metrics & conversion ratios. If you spend some time learning about social media marketing & business marketing in general, you can whip up your own formulas. 

For example, your conversion rate. (i.e.,) how many views it takes to get a sale can usually be averaged by looking at the traffic to your site vs number of sales you get. And the number of followers you have actually reading your tweets can be tracked a bit with click-thru rates, or  Twitter analytics. Another great formula, you can ask your best regulars or paying clients, “How did you hear about me?” to track where they ORIGINATE from. 

All of these calculations are a big part of running a small business, btw. If you want to be successful, you may need to put this kind of work into it. A few people will luck out naturally, but most people need to put some serious strategy into it. If you want to become a better, more successful small business owner — which is what you are! — go to your local library and pick up a few books on small business! 

Sex work is literally just a business. Any book about marketing, small business, etc is meant for you as much as anyone else. Just focus on how to apply it best to your specific industry. You are no different from the local dog groomer or fashion start up, you just happen to work in the adult entertainment industry. 

Don’t forget that many YouTubers and Podcasters have information on marketing specific to Twitter. By researching “Twitter Algorithm 2019” and “Twitter for business” you can find literally hundreds of hours of free education to help further your productivity. 

Let’s get this bread, y’all! 

* Percentage reached by tweets… Source: Enrique Dans, UCLA Anderson School of Management


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