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Power Thru Disconnections

Power Thru Disconnections

We’ve all had those days-  you’re ready to hop online! … but the connection is shit and repeatedly disconnects us. It’s frustrating, especially when you’ve spent countless hours getting ready before you broadcast. You can keep trying to power through the glitching, but there’s some better things you can do with your time instead of fighting with technology. Make sure you check back in to see if it works later but while you’re stuck waiting, here’s some ideas of what you can do to stay productive! 

Your hair and makeup is already done, so why not make some new content? There is always something to update and you might as well take advantage of the down time when you look your best. Have some custom content you owe someone? Use this time to knock that out! You don’t ever, ever want orders to pile up on you. Trust me, from first hand experience it sucks and is very hard to dig yourself out of that hole. Having some type of back long or an ordered list is great for keeping you on track with what you owe.

There are sites that thrive off of picture content specifically, like My Naughty Selfies. Customers here mostly enjoy purchasing picture sets from models. A set starts at around 20 photos and you can upload video clips as well. This is a UK based site so make sure you convert your currency! 

We’ve talked about how great SextPanther is in the past, so we know you are no stranger to the name. When you’re on cam you shouldn’t have your nose buried in your phone, but while you’re waiting for your connection to improve, it’s totally acceptable! Instead of angrily refreshing your browser… why not send pics to customers on your list. Tell them how you’re waiting to log on webcam but it’s not working so you’re looking for some entertainment. Boom. You’re welcome.

Recording a live show for Snapchat would be a great use of your downtime too. Many models now just mass upload shows or repost them. The act of live snapping is more time consuming now. Treating your fans to an actual live show of you would be an awesome surprise. The best part  is once you’re done, you can save the entire thing and add it to your replay content or download and sell on a clipsite. 

What matters most is that you’re taking advantage of the time you have away from broadcasting. It’s way too easy for site maintenance or a shitty connection to kill your good mood and you give up. Staying busy and using your time wisely will help you continue to be more productive. When you can finally go live for more than 10 minutes without an issue, you’ll be glad you had stayed motivated and focused on your succexxx!

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As a stripper and webcam model of 12 years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about the industry. One thing that was apparent from the beginning was how very few places had our best interests in mind. I started succexxxful as a content based site to answer questions received on a daily basis, and changed direction when I realized how I could truly help. By offering adult entertainers better solutions to insurance options I’ve created a platform designed for a chance to feel equal, secure and educated.

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