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Photoshoots for Social Media

Photoshoots for Social Media

We all laugh at the memes about Instagram models/influencers as it has now become a normal “job.” Just because those jokes exist doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with growing your social media via photoshoots. Much like what I have to say about SFS I believe shooting as often as possible is essential for your career whether 500k or 50 followers.

Now there are a few things to take note of; your safety is the UTMOST importance in this and if you don’t feel safe or comfortable it will show in the photos. Beyond that, it just isn’t a good environment for you if you feel the need to question your safety. Huge red flag is if the photographer asks you to not bring a guest. That speaks volumes. An escort is for your safety and respect, but beyond that is something I recommend ALWAYS having. If there isn’t someone available for you simply sharing your location until you’re home safe with someone is a great alternative. It’s discreet and easy to figure out.

One thing to mention is to be careful where you are meeting these photographers. Model Mayhem can be a hit or miss as can responding to a random IG photographers DM. Your best bet is to check out their work, check out models they have previously worked with and reach out about their experience. There is no such thing as playing it too safe when it comes to meeting strangers for photos.

You shouldn’t ever worry about bringing too much clothing or accessories. There have been times I went through my entire bag of 5 outfits and was disappointed I didn’t bring more to shoot in. You never know when it’s going to be a one look or ten look adventure. Obviously be smart about your location etc while packing. You don’t want a huge backpack to deal with while you’re hiking a canyon for two hours. 

Posing is something that comes over time. Not all models are great at this right away. It’s a completely different experience taking your own photos as it is someone else. You know your best angles and how to set them up, so how do you deal with someone who is constantly moving around? The thing is, not all your photos are gonna be gold. Very rarely is an entire shoot useable for the most experienced model. The thing to remember is to have a light heart about this and learn from it. 

The ones we put up on the internet are the ones we have edited (usually) and approved before doing so. You don’t realize that you don’t see an entire set, and that’s what you must remember above all else. This is about having fun and getting to know your face and body through another person. Enjoy the experience! 

In growing social media new content helps sustain your followers interests and gain new ones. Sure the shares and hashtags help but what really helps is posting new content as often as you can. I’m not telling you all go to book a $500 shoot tomorrow, but if you are trying to increase your fan base photoshoots are one of the most guaranteed ways to do so. It creates new images to SFS with and fresh set of eyes.

Some photographers charge, some will do trade with you for both of your pages. Finding the person who matches your budget and style matters! Above all else a photographer who respects you and your boundaries is likewise essential. Never push yourself past any limits you have set for yourself for the sake of a good photo. 

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