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Photoshoot Checklist

Photoshoot Checklist

Much like our stripper must have list, we put together a photoshoot essential list for you! There is nothing worse than chipping your nail polish on the way or not checking your makeup before you left the MUA’s house. Thank us next time something goes awry and you’re more than prepared for it because of this list!

First and most important… shaving! It’s always a great idea to make sure you do little things to ease the work of the photographer so make sure to shave a few hours before hand! With that being said to those who chose not to shave, skip this part of the checklist! While we’re at it, if you have a backup razor or any way to put yours in a plastic bag and bring it with you.

Backup makeup! Always important for touch ups incase you need them. It’s really a pain in the ass if you smear lipstick all over your face with a prop and then don’t have anything to clean it up afterwards with. The essentials are really all you need; foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and brush. 

Baby Wipes are you best friend. You’ll get makeup on something changing outfits more often than you think! These are really just an essential thing to have in life to be honest.

Nail Polish! It doesn’t even have the be the color you are currently wearing. Just bring a color you could live with as maybe an accent nail incase you chip. There is nothing worse than having to photoshop nail polish, trust me. Your photographer will agree.

Hair essentials like a mini brush, bobby pins and hair ties are always helpful. Keep them in a little makeup bag or a plastic baggie and make sure to take off your hair tie around your wrist before you shoot!

A jacket or something to cover yourself quickly. This is important if you’re shooting nude or topless somewhere in public to be able to get back on in less than 5 seconds. A dress works, a large coat anything that you can put down and pick up within a moments notice. 

Extra pair of socks and underwear. Sounds funny but there have been times I was shooting in the desert and forgot that I only had on what I came with. Ruined everything by getting it wet and then had to hike back to the car in it. Just do yourself a favor and bring extra.

Clothespins help alter garments on the go and are always helpful. Use them for making a shirt tighter, holding something in place or even the photographer might need one!

Water! Make sure you bring your own drink if it is a new person you are working with. You have no clue what they gave you and it’s best to not put yourself in a situation to find out. If you go to the bathroom to change simply bring the drink with you, and leave it somewhere in eyesight when you are shooting. 

Please make sure if you’re going alone or somewhere unfamiliar to share your location with a friend. If you don’t have an iPhone simply texting the address and time you should be done to someone will work. There are too many predators out there for you to be going somewhere secluded with a stranger for a shot. 

These are some pretty common sense items when you read through the list. Showing up overly prepared can assure everything goes smoothly on your end. If you shoot often consider getting a gym style bag that can hold all of this + outfits. Always remember your safety and comfort is the most important above anything else. Please make sure you take my last comment about sharing your location seriously, it could save your life!

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