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New Website ModelClips

New Website – ModelClips

Guest article written by Jessica Sage. Jessica is a cam model and amateur porn star. She’s a 5 time award nominee who joined the industry in 2017. You can find more of Jessica on her website and her Twitter.

ModelClips is a brand new clip site that I recently heard about, and ultimately decided to join. With so many clip sites out there, and each having their own specs and algorithms, I reached out to ModelClips to find out the best way for new models to succeed on their platform. Here’s what I found out!

First and foremost, you’re going to need to apply for an account. All models are welcome and they also have the option for studio accounts. Once that’s created, and approved, you’ll want to set a great profile picture. This is the first thing people browsing their site will see, so make sure you pick something that will make you stand out. You’re also going to want to upload a header for your profile. This can be either a photo or a video. If you choose to use a video header, it will play for users who are browsing the site when they hover over your profile picture in the model section. This can be a great way to grab someone’s attention and get them to want to see more.

The next step is to upload some videos. While your video is uploading, you should add a few very important things. One being, a great thumbnail. The thumbnails are what’s going to initially grab someone’s attention. Next is to upload a video teaser/trailer, this way someone will have a good sense of what your video will be like. Lastly, you will want to add your video tags. The tags should be used like category filters and should contain body attributes as well as the actions in your video. This will make it much easier for users to find you when they are searching under certain tags. You can click ‘View Keywords’ next to the tags box, and this will give you a list of all of their system tag.

Another feature that ModelClips offers is social media promo for their models. All you have to do is upload some high quality pictures onto your account and they will go through and use them on their social media platforms. Try to make sure you have plenty of SFW (Safe For Work) images that they can choose from. If you have your social media links listed in your profile, then they can tag you in their posts.

Now, what sets ModelClips apart from other clip sites is their ability for interactive videos. Users can use a special toy that will sync up with your video, so they feel the actions that you do. Want to learn more? Here’s a great ‘How-To’ video on interactive videos as well as the toys that work with it.

Let’s say you have a video that’s full of actions, like sucking or riding, then you could request to have your video be available as an interactive one. They have an entire section that displays all of these types of videos so that users can easily find them. The best part? This is a completely free feature that’s available to all models on the platform! If you have a clip that you want converted to be ‘Interactive’, all you have to do is send an email request to with the URL of the video.

They are currently running a couple of amazing promos! For the remainder of the year you will earn 80% on all sales, tips, and memberships. You can also earn up to $100 just for simply uploading your content and posting it onto your Twitter!

So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out and set up your account today!

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