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Must Have Items to Strip Like a Pro

Must Have Items to Strip Like a Pro

Over the years I have trial and errored so many products in the name of my job. I was a huge sucker for the Target perfume aisle and the limited edition Dove sprays. Many waterproof cosmetics didn’t stand up to a busy, sweaty night. Every girl was obsessed with the Airbrush Leg spray by Sally Hensen and I just couldn’t get into it at first, and then it became a must have item for my every day shift. We have gathered a list of what is essential to have at the club for a stress free shift! 

  • First and foremost is baby wipes! Super important for correcting makeup mistakes, wiping any sweaty part of your body after stage, keeping your shoes clean and so many more random uses. Also this is the number one product all the girls in the back room will ask for and it’s nice to be the helpful one!
  • Extra tampons are always a necessity for obvious reasons. I try to keep at least 5 on me of all sizes.
  • A little purse that’s big enough to fit the money you make and your phone. Some places don’t have lockers and seeing as though my phone is my lifeline, I make sure that comes with me. 
  • A lock for your locker is very important as a lot of clubs do not provide any for you. I recommend the combination kind as the key can get lost or stolen. Always peel the sticker off the back and keep it in your little purse!
  • Gum or any kind or breath freshener is vital!! Most clubs let you drink which we all know isn’t appealing to smack anyone in the face with vodka breath. Great for hiding cigarette smell too!
  • If you are a stoner, I recommend getting the wax pens. NOW, if this isn’t your style and you prefer to smoke a joint or blunt or piece that’s fine! However most clubs have a strict policy with marijuana and if you’re a smoker, you still want to be able to partake. Pens are usually smell proof and best of all look like a vape so no one knows.
  • Keep a diary/planner/note in your phone of what you make each night. THIS is important for knowing what are your good days/nights and bad. Also you can refer back to it over the years and see if a specific date works the best for you each year. Had a friend do this and thought it was the smartest shit I had ever seen.
  • A makeup bag with not your everyday items you use but backups. Girls are notorious for stealing makeup so don’t bring the only foundation you have. Get a cheap one for spot corrections and bring that with you as well as lipstick etc you usually wear. Touch ups are life. If you bring a pencil sharpener you’ll be like the Mother Theresa of strippers.
  • In my dancer bag I like to organize all my lingerie into plastic bags. I keep all my thongs in one, all my tops in another etc. Even a bag for the outfits I have worn that night and changed out of. Makes for not having to scramble in your bag for 5 hours to find one top.
  • Perfume should be carried at all times. I used to love the Axe female body spray in the white and pink can. Men would always comment on it asking if it was a high end brand. My point is don’t bring your $100 Chanel to work. Get something cheap that works well with your body chemistry. 
  • Baby powder is not for everyone but for those of us who benefit from it I recommend bringing some. Shaving constantly can be irritating to skin especially around the bikini area and baby powder helps that irritation chill the fuck out.
  • Deodorant!!! You’re going to work your ass off as a new dancer and this will be your best friend. The days I forgot mine were always the worst and most self conscious for me and borrowing someone else’s is just weird. If you don’t wear any skip this.
  • Scissors will be something you don’t think about needing. But when it comes down to period time you’ll want to make sure you cut that string so it doesn’t pop out anytime! Yes it happened to me, yes it was fucken terrible!! Helpful for any outfit corrections you will need to make on the spot.
  • If you can afford it an extra pair of shoes will always come in handy but do yourself a favor and don’t loan those out. Not everyone has the same hygiene habits.
  • Safety pins! No shit, these will be helpful more than you think. It’s amazing how many bra fails have been fixed by this simple item or shoe disaster!
  • Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner will absolutely stay on your face, setting spray or not. A review went viral for this product when a consumer published photos of her post car accident, still perfectly winged 
  • I recommend bringing some kind of first aid like bandaids or ankle wrap if you think it might be beneficial for you. Sometimes new shoes cut you in weird places because the plastic hasn’t stretched out, or a glass drops near you. 
  • A pair of thin socks can also help with there being a barrier between your foot and the shoe that could bring some relief to a cut or blister. Usually many dancer stores have them or you can literally use thin everyday socks. It’s actually a bit of a trend now to wear Nike ones.
  • Likewise a pair of long socks can be lovely to have when you get those new girl bruises all over your knees from floorwork. Honestly, I still got them after years of dancing so it really isn’t just a newbie issue. It’s a “I’m twerking/crawling on a rough surface” issue we all deal with!
  • And last but not least, a garter! Usually lingerie stores sell these in many different colors. It helps hold your money but it also can double as an ankle strap if folded correctly for your shoes! 

I’ll keep adding to the list as we hear from more dancers about the random shit their Marry Poppins bags contain! For now, anyone considering dancing or already in the game should be carrying this list at all times to make for a problem free time. Preparation is key in this industry as your mood truly dictates how well you do each shift. We all know how not having one thing can set off a whole mood!! Happy hustling!!

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