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Make Money Texting

Make Money Texting

Over the years of transformation the adult community has underwent, one constant player in the field is sexting! If webcam, clip making and stripping don’t interest you consider this as a great alternative. Or maybe you add this for another way your fans can speak with you and get some one on one attention. If you don’t mind using your phone and you know how lucrative this could be for you, let me help you with all that is the sexting industry!

By far the biggest player in this field is SextPanther. They’re a great company and, more importantly, a professional one. The customer service aspect is a huge deal for me to desire signing up with a company and they surely do deliver there. Every model can set their own price per message, and yes it really is per message- you read that right! First things first, yes you have to submit your real number and an ID.

If you’re uncomfortable about the identification part, you’re not going to do well on these websites as they NEED to verify that you are of age. Every adult content site is going to require this so there really isn’t much you can do about it. If you’re thinking about using a fake number app, I would suggest against it as using your real one is safe and secure. It is never actually given out to anyone. You chose what number you want to appear to the customer down to the area code. It is better to have this go to an inbox you will see and be able to interact with right away versus forgetting to check your second inbox. Also, you do not get to see the real phone number of the members who are texting you, it’s only a screen name. They make sure to respect everyone’s right to privacy on both ends.

So what does this actually look like from creation of your account to the first text? After you sign up and your verification is approved, you can start selecting your model preferences. SextPanther breaks it up by three categories: Pornstar, Camgirl and Fetish. You will need to choose which one of these you would like to fall under. You select what you would like to receive from members which are either calls or texts. You set your own prices and charge for their ability to send you videos and pictures. They pay per minute, per video, and per text. You may also charge them to add you to their contacts, or it can be free. It recommends free to help you gain traffic right out the gate.

When you are online it will show them you are available and when you most recently logged in. Under your availability tab, you can actually set what days you will be accessible such as Monday through Sunday. They have preset tags for members to find you, tags should reflect your preferences and what you think best describes you! A few good ones are GirlNextDoor, GirlfriendExperience and English or whatever language(s) you know. I feel that your media gallery should have pictures that showcase who you are and your body type without giving it all away completely. Stay away from nudes or anything with a hand bra as that is stuff you can charge for sending later on.

The pricing is something you are allowed to play with. To give you a better idea on what models are generally charging, here are the most common price points I have seen. $5 a minute with a minimum of 2 minutes for phone calls, $1 per text message sent, $4 for trading pictures, $7 for trading videos. We have also seen girls charge up to $14 for trading videos. There is nothing wrong with changing your price points as you gain more experience with the site. They give customers the first 5 credits for free at sign up which is an awesome deal for them to warm up.

A few more tips for succexxx on the site would be to lower your pricing on the weekends. Let your active clients know there is a discount. People always spend more money on the weekend so the chances of making twice as much is a possibility. Logging in and out of your account daily also refreshes you and places you back at the very top! More eyes can only equal more sales. You can advertise for clips you make, and ask them to tip you a certain amount to be sent a full video. You can do the same thing for your Snapchat and get people to buy your premium from there! There really are endless ways to make cash just by texting from this site! Also using the referral system will get you both $100 once your friends hits their first $100 payout!

Everyone can use SextPanther no matter what their experience is and benefit from it. This site does not discriminate against participation level or how often you log in which makes it perfect for models with changing and random schedules. I’m sure with these ideas you can find a way to make this site work for you as a main job or an additive income. If you would like to know more about SextPanther, check out the interview we will be posting Tuesday with their CEO Alex!


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