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Log Off Webcam

Sometimes we overthink things on webcam like how to “properly” log off and end the broadcast. Which is totally normal! It’s especially easy to hesitate in the beginning stages of your career. How long should a tease last? How do I send video prizes to members? Most of this job isn’t explained in depth and there is no right or wrong way to do anything. The whole reason we talk about topics like this is because these are the questions I’ve seen or had myself and had limited (or no) place to turn to.

While this topic may seem silly to an OG webcam model, everyone had the same jitters our first few clicks on broadcast. Figuring out how to log off gracefully when I wasn’t feeling up to streaming anymore or sick was a bit of a clusterfuck to me. Even just logging off at my scheduled time was weird for me at first. The best advice that I can give after my own experiences and watching other models is to give members enough notice. 

Giving members enough notice you’re logging off will allow you to get in any last min tips. On some websites you can even do a countdown feature. It always shows that you care about their time when you can also take a few seconds to call out their names individually and say goodbye. Throwing in a recap of the stream highlights is also a fun way to leave. Reminding your viewers of any deals you will be having offline, what time you’ll be broadcasting next or any other promo type information is perfect to slide in here. 

If you’re not feeling well it’s up to you if you share information like that or not with your viewers. If you get an important phone call, significant other came home early… whatever the case may be. One of the best ways to make an exit fast is to let your room know something unexpected came up and you need to hop off. Let them know if you will be logging back online later that day or when your next day is. As long as you have some type of communication and don’t just log off everything will be fine! You can always mention to email/snapchat/DM you if they need anything.

Logging on and logging off is pretty self explanatory, especially if you’ve watched a webcam show before. While there is no one way to do anything sometimes it’s easy to get stuck on the how to’s when you’re nervous. Just remember to relax, be yourself and always have a good level of communication with your members. Try not to make a habit of logging off suddenly or early every time it gets slow, and always thank the room after every stream for being there to support you!

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