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License to Strip

License to Strip

In the past, licenses weren’t a requirement to strip. Many states decided to adopt this policy around the early 2000’s to make the dancer liable for anything they do instead of the club. Some states are incredibly expensive while others are a low annual fee. Most states change the price from county to county. Others put regulations in place that might make you cringe. It may seem confusing but let’s explain how this works and what will affect you as a dancer

Licensing is the biggest part of dancing now and it’s always best to check before you try to work anywhere. Some places won’t even let you audition without a county and/or state license. Not all clubs require one so it is best to call and ask just to be sure. If I had to put a number on it, I would say about 75% of clubs are going to require a license before applications are given out. You will need a valid government ID, fingerprinting (depending on where you are) and anywhere between $20 to $500. Prepare for this to be an all day event as you may have to go to another facility to be fingerprinted or request a specific money order.

Remember when we said some rules might make you cringe? Some places require latex paint must be brushed over nipples. Sometimes this latex paint is a metallic silver or gold and you end up looking like Robo-Tits. The level of ridiculous rules depends on each club, county, city and state. I’ve worked at clubs that were less than 2 miles apart from each other that had different latex laws, simply because of the zoning. 

There are clubs in California that don’t require a license and no real interview but won’t let you take your top off on stage if your hand was off the pole. There’s clubs in Alaska that give you a paycheck every 2 weeks, keep you on a strict schedule and you’re completely naked on stage. There is no uniformity in the strip club scene. This is why it’s best to see what a club requires for licensing and their rules before you make the decision to work there

A great place to look for club specifications is The Dancers Resource app! Easily one of the most genius upgrades from the OG website StripperWeb. You can check out clubs from all over the globe in just one place! Read about their licensing or private room situations. There’s even a section for more information with the paid Dressing Room option. It’s worth every penny for those who travel and want to be able to connect with dancers and ask specific questions.

No matter where you choose to work, it’s smart to make certain you have everything they need before you ask for a job. When you show up prepared, the chances of you being hired are much greater and it shows initiative! If all else fails, Google if your desired area requires a license and go from there! Make sure to utilize guides like StripperWeb and Dancers Resource app to fully prepare yourself and stay informed.

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