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Have a VIP Snapchat

Have a VIP Snapchat

VIP (or Premium) Snapchat was something unheard of just four years ago. Now it seems like every model or social media influencer has one, and everyone treats it differently.  It’s no longer just a camgirl thing or models who liked the idea of quick money with little to no adult experience. While it might mean X-rated shows for one model, it could mean just topless photos and behind the scenes of photo shoots for another. It’s extremely important to establish what kind of account you want to run and advertise it so no one can be confused with what it is not. Clear communication about what to expect on your Snapchat will lead to much happier customers in the long run. If someone is used to watching more adult themed accounts and purchases yours, who only posts bikini photos once a week, chances are they might be upset about being mislead and lack of clarification.

So how do you get people to sign up? Advertising is everything!! Your audience is 100% interested in you so this should be simple to get people wanting to see more of you! The first rule of thumb besides deciding what kind of membership you’re going to offer is how you advertise it and where. For most this is their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. However, although you may have a decent interest once you start up, keeping the flow going is a little bit more challenging. Even huge accounts can have low sales numbers because their viewers have already been target before, their followers aren’t seeing their posts… there are so many variables. You need to make sure you are having a steady influx of people coming to your social media in the first place. This is where SFS with other models comes in handy and doing “Takeovers” for other models and companies. Utilizing a subtopic on Reddit to post to, posting on the groups that are already established like r/GoneWild. (I will talk about what these terms mean next week in more depth!) These are all ways to attract more eyes to your advantage. I highly recommend signing up with a company who can provide a place for you to takeover, shout you and do all the things needed to keep your page fresh. I’ll get more into companies and what the differences are with them at another time!

A popular company built around this VIP Snapchat craze is FanCentro. When I started this job I initially went with someone I thought was reliable, who ended up stealing over 4k from me and wasn’t a trustworthy person. Oddly enough he handles one of the biggest names in the industry right now and I applaud him for his work, but at the end of the day a scam is a scam and it can and will happen to you if you don’t do your homework. You need to make sure you read the terms and conditions very closely if you’re going to sign up with one of the more private groups. Some of them offer training, photo shoots, managing your social media/growing it and more. That’s an awesome push in the right direction rather than having to do it all by yourself, but always make sure you understand who is handling your money. Sites like FanCentro actually let you see your earnings and payouts which is why it is one of the more trusted and popular options.

Organization is key when it comes to offering a service like this by yourself and it can get messy quick. You’ll come to learn this is why I will advise you to use a company because they keep track of everyone for you on a spreadsheet like tool. You can keep your own excel sheet or something like it but let’s be honest most of us don’t have that kind of time 24/7. Especially if you offer monthly services and they expire at different times etc. It’s all up to you but just know that keeping track of your members will either be your responsibility or not, so factor that in for your scheduling. As you add members you can edit the screen name that you see in your Snapchat for them. I like to put 2 things there: if they’re lifetime or monthly and their name. Sometimes I will also have specific emojis which mean things to me like high tippers and if I’ve issued any warnings to them for breaking my rules.

Now let’s talk about the entertainment aspect. Some models like to have a schedule where they plan the same theme shows each week, some just like to leave it open. The reason this is such a fun and succexxxful item is because it allows you total creative freedom. When you are happy and feeling appreciated it’s easier to feel creative and sexy! However it is easy to feel a lot of pressure to come out with something unseen or original to you, I understand the feeling of wanting to be the best of the best. Reality is that someone has already done whatever it is you could come up with so don’t ever feel like you’re copying someone. There’s nothing that is really THAT original anymore. However f you feel like you can come up with something super unique, make sure you highlight that in your advertising!! Use clips of that show anywhere you can showcase yourself and your creativity. Just make sure to figure out if you want to be posting shows every day or if you want to only do so many a week/month. Establishing a “schedule” will help you know when to upload videos or record live ones and have enough time for whatever else you have going on. A typical show can be pre recorded and then uploaded which was my preferred method, or shot “live” with a remote/you holding phone if its easy solo or POV. I’ll dive more into this on another How To segment!

Setting a day or even a week where you post replays saves you of having to come up with anything new or even record at all. Whatever the free time you gain from that is put towards, the point is that’s a great way to keep people happy and satisfied while giving you a day off. Saving all the stories you post is the best thing you can do for yourself, I suggest by getting a Dropbox just to make sure you have it saved somewhere secure. You don’t need your kids going through your phone finding your premium shows. Be smart and get a Dropbox account or ten if you can’t afford the unlimited just yet, and save all your hard work there to refer to later. You can even use this archive as a selling point if you’re comfortable giving them away at signup, or as a bundle. This is something pretty typical that models do and in the long term it’s super helpful if you want to resell/repost these shows at a later point or on another platform.

Having a VIP Snapchat is such a great way to create a fanbase for yourself and really grow your brand. Models who told me they’d never have one have since come to me inquiring how to maintain their newfound income. You get to set the bar for what people see and they will pay for it. If it’s creative freedom you’re looking for, look no further. This can be anything you want it to be so make it your own. From scheduling to what type of shows you do- or if you even do any. This is all about you and everyone supporting you! I have met some of my best and most supportive customers this way who continue to follow me on other platforms even. Honestly, it’s a no brainer!! Just remember that this is something run by you and you have total control over what and how you want to do it!

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