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Have a Normal Job and Webcam

Have a Normal Job and Webcam

One of the most popular questions I always see: is it possible to webcam and have a normal job? This is a loaded question because there are so many variables that contribute to this topic. Are you working full time or not? Have you already established enough of a fanbase on social media or are you brand new? Do you have any type of webcam knowledge? Webcam is not the easiest job and it does require a lot of logged hours to grow your fanbase. There’s a lot to consider and at what cost, but I do believe you can cam and have a normal job! This will mostly cover webcam versus stripping as this is the most sought after career path right now. 

The number one fear most people have is that they don’t want anyone they work with to find out. We all go through it to some degree; some models try to wear masks or cover tattoos and scars that easily identify them. I am not criticizing models who do this at all because I have seen it work for some people, however not on a regular basis. Most websites won’t let you wear masks unless it’s for a special occasion as it is against their rules. For a few models I’ve worked with, showing just the lower half of their face on Snapchat worked out well and played up the mystery. Note that I’m talking about Snapchat and not live broadcasting on a cam site. This isn’t something I recommend just because it’s so hard and stressful!! The amount of time that goes into worrying if your moms best friends’ husband is watching your show is going to eat away at you daily! This job isn’t for someone who wants to hide in a corner, I can tell you that with confidence. Once something is on the Internet, there is no going back; it will always be there. Unlike stripping, where you have to be seen at a club for anyone to know that it’s you. You are not granted the gift of anonymity as a webcam model so make sure that you can handle this from every angle.

If you’re concerned about scheduling, you’ll be able to pull it off if you take the right amount of time to take care of yourself and your sleep. The most important part about this whole thing called life is your health- don’t jeopardize that. I’ve seen models have no issue only broadcasting three days a week for a few hours at a time. The key to any webcam models career is consistency, especially when you’re just starting out! Those same three hours a day is where your fanbase know to go find you and hang out with you and that’s how you need to keep it. When you’re new playing around with your schedule, it’s acceptable to get the hang of your perfect rhythm. But when you are more established, an adhered to schedule can do wonders for ANY room! 

I will always advise against you ever mentioning in your workplace what you do. When I worked at State Farm and stripped, I tried for the longest time to not let anyone know what my other job was. I didn’t want it to be a big deal or be seen by my female peers as an issue, or deal with any of that high school drama. One day, in what was supposed to be a normal lunch conversation, one of the women at the table brought up her husband’s bachelorette party and everyone chimed in. I felt like a pole was going to pop up right out of the sky and fall between my legs while purple smoke rolled in to the sound of “Cherry Pie” playing. My face went pale, I sunk in my chair and didn’t say a word the rest of the day. Hearing their reactions and judgements about my friends and I was so upsetting. In my usual fashion of being a loudmouth, the next day I decided to tell the woman who originally told the bachelor party story that I was a stripper and how sorry I was she had the wrong idea of what we are. It didn’t even take until lunch time for everyone at the table to know what she had said, and ignored me for the rest of my time there. I could have sworn that it would be handled with poise but instead it was back to a high school rumor and I was doomed to eat by myself from then on. I’m not saying you have to be ashamed of what you do and THAT’S why you shouldn’t say anything. It’s because of the fact that you never know how far someone is going to take this. How personally. It’s a sad fact but it’s 2019 and that’s what is taking place around us today. Sex workers are being shamed for using what they have to make a living to the point of alienation. I advise you against saying anything to those you work with at your normal job simply for your own privacy and safety.

As I have mentioned above, the real thing that’s going to be the hardest is toggling between both options and making a cam schedule that fits around your normal job. Because this job is the steady paycheck, it obviously comes first. If you stick with cam long enough there will come a day you’ll be able to make a great living off of it! The key right now is to not push yourself too hard and be unreasonable. When you have put in the time, I promise you, you will see your numbers grow. Camming is literally just a game of patience. If you are willing to play that game, you will see growth, just maybe not as quickly as you had hoped. Remember, most of the models who are extremely succexxxful have been where you are potentially for years. They suffered through the quiet shifts and long hours to get to where they are today. Comparing yourself to them will do nothing but discourage you.

This post is directly mostly towards webcam because it’s asked about the most. Being a stripper and having a normal job is pretty common today. Since webcam hasn’t always been in the spotlight and is gaining in popularity, most models cannot fathom how to have both these lifestyles easily. The thing is, webcam alone isn’t easy as a newbie. If you persevere through the slow days and really focus on building relationships, you should do just fine! Every model you watch who keeps getting tipped for just sitting there has put in countless hours of work. They have put in the time and dedication to have the room that they do and that’s all you need to do to get that for yourself. Patience is key in being able to juggle two completely different careers. Especially one that doesn’t come with any type of formal training and is all Do It Yourself!

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