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Grow Your Twitter Following

Grow Your Twitter Following

We’re all accustomed to having some form of social media, even if just to keep up with our family. Taking that a step beyond just daily connecting, Twitter is truly a place to keep your existing customers attention and network with others in the industry. Although rare, it isn’t impossible to gain a few new patrons here and there. We have some insight for those who aren’t sure of how to utilize Twitter to its fullest potential.

If you haven’t created a separate account for you personal life vs career, do so now. I suggest you do this so that way there’s no way for them to see personal information about you that you have overlooked on your page. You are not going to want your fans to see your family and private side. Sharing aspects of your life with them is cool, however, let’s do this in a healthy way that still respects your privacy at the same time.

Accounts are *sometimes* quick to get deleted when the terms are violated. We have seen the biggest name pornstars get deleted. Likewise we have also seen accounts from stars posting hardcore scenes and they survive. In our opinion, it’s better to not roll the dice and take advantage of censoring your pics/vids. This is the only social media outlets that “allows” nudity and the line is thin to cross. 

Running the risk of your profile being shadow banned or deleted is a reality. Shadow banning means you are not searchable and will have a difficult time gaining followers and exposure. Usually this happens because of the content an account posts. Honestly there is no way to tell if posting uncensored clips/pics is doing you any harm. At the end of the day the choice remains yours! If you feel like baiting people to ReTweet (or RT) a censored image X amount of times before you post the uncensored, go for it! 

Taking advantage of pages that are dedicated to showing off model’s accounts are a great idea if you’re good with someone reposting your pics/vids. Accounts like @bearhugcamgirls, @DevilDooL, @5tayFro5ty, @STFPromo, @Honey_B69, @S2nningBabes and from there you can see more pages like this. All you have to do to get their attention is post a photo/video clip and use their @ on your post, or use any hashtag they list in their bio. You can even DM some and ask them for a RT.

Building up a rapport with someone who runs an account like that is helpful for promo, just don’t let them take advantage of you. Some will try to get free nudes, exclusive content etc and there is no need when they survive off of promoting models in the first place. Know your boundaries and trust your gut when it comes to these admins.

As far as gaining followers and exposure, think of Twitter as the water cooler of a typical office workplace. While posting your own unique content is great for people to see and get to know you, what you add to the conversation will do more for you. Jumping into the action and adding engagement is where you should focus more time than your own posts. Take notice of the search bar especially the “latest” and “top” categories, type in a word you can offer insight to and see what people are talking about. Converse with those posts!

Please understand that this is an article about how to grow your following. Doing so does not guarantee all the new followers will translate to income. In fact a lot of the accounts that follow these shout pages are bots and a lot of lurkers. We won’t discredit the fact that we all love to see our following grow especially when you reach that point when you get a k at the end. Just be aware that this really doesn’t put any value on the content that you’re attempting to sell. 

Because of the popularity in the adult space with Twitter it will always be considered a must have for models. That is why so many performers have gravitated toward this platform versus anything else. Now that Tumblr is officially openly against NSFW accounts there are very few places left on the internet that tolerate uncensored content, simultaneously allowing you to be your witty self.

Posting random thoughts and current events helps your fans see a different side of you than just what’s on your clipsite. If these people never get a chance to see your personality anywhere else, let it be on Twitter of all places. Make sure to be conscious of your comfortability with posting uncensored or uncensored content, and always remember it takes time to grow on any platform big or small!


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