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Growing Your Instagram

Grow Your Instagram

In a world full of hashtags and cross promotion, it’s actually pretty easy to gain a decent social media following if you know how to work the system. Algorithms will play a large role against you but if you take the right steps and keep at it every day, those factors shouldn’t affect you too much. Most important thing to remember is consistency. As long as you take time out of your day to post something, you’ll keep your engagements high which is the key. Let’s talk about Instagram in particular as this is everyone’s go to choice for social media.

Everything we knew about this app has changed over the course of time and left many models to figure out its Game of Thrones without explanation. Some girls have no issue posting damn near full nudity without deletion, while others can’t even seem to post a clothed booty pic! I can’t explain to you exactly why this is, or if the rumor of paying someone off to have this luxury is true or false. It is something that will remain a mystery until someone decides to expose this myth. However, I can tell you the formula I’ve seen work time and time again for countless models and businesses. It’s up to you to either take my advice word for word or mold this idea to fit your particular posting style. I can only give you the facts and what you choose to do with them is entirely up to you!

You have seen me advocate for SFS (“shout for shout” or cross promotion) before and I continuously stand by it. What better way to have fresh eyes on your page than to have someone with an established following post your pic or video on their feed or story and lead others to your account. Some models will charge for this and all I can say is if you want the numbers quickly, pay for them. Many will frown upon this as it seems ridiculous to pay for the followers but in my opinion you aren’t paying for that. You’re paying for their time and as sex workers we should all understand this concept. What you are willing to pay for that exposure is solely up to you. For a full explanation of SFS and what to expect, read more here.

Having a private account may seem counter-productive, but this is also something I will stand behind 100%. This creates an exclusivity that having a public account does not and makes people want to see what’s behind the closed door. You do get people that will unfollow you once you accept them as they’ve finished browsing your profile, this is unavoidable but totally normal. If you wait a few days to add the requested accounts, most will forget that they have been awaiting approval and continue to follow you. The whole point is to create mystery around your account and create the need to see who you are and what you’re about.

Paying attention to what times are considered peak hours for posting is extremely helpful. In each state or country, this will vary depending on your time zone. Usually, peak hours are in the mornings from 6am to 8am, afternoons from 12pm to 2pm, and evenings from 8pm to 10pm. The most efficient way to figure out what hours work best for you is to try one of each and pay attention to the engagement. If one time frame seems to catch the attention of more users than that should be your prime posting hour. The goal is to be doing this every day which may seem tedious and difficult to come up with this much constant posting.

I suggest taking advantage of days like Woman Crush Wednesday, or #wcw, where you can still post on that day but showcase another model, which will take the pressure off of you for more content. Your captions are what entice people to comment on your photo, which is where the real interaction lies. Asking questions, looking for recommendations to a place you’re traveling, or even doing something like asking them to spam emojis are all easy ways to get your following to do exactly what you need them to; engage! The more engagement you get, the more users interact with your page the better chance you have of them seeing any future post.

It’s a no brainer that you should always follow the rules to stay clear of any deletions. Overly sexual posts, sexually suggestive posts and anything showing too much skin should be avoided at all costs. Failure to do so will result in your account being shadow-banned, which means you won’t be searchable at all, to anyone. Your page will remain intact but the possibility of anyone finding you decreases exponentially. I know, we all see accounts get away with questionable posts but trust me when I say once your account is gone, getting it back is more of a chore than you know.

Also, there’s no guarantee you actually ever will get it back. This is why most models have a backup account that they advertise so they have a chance at keeping something. Keep any direct links to your adult clip sites, webcam, or anything like that off of your bio as direct links to adult content sites can also result in a deletion. There is a website called Linktree that allows you to link to a list all of these things safely and in one organized place. Something like this will add that extra protection you will need to survive the Instagram police!

With social media changing how we interact with one another, it is hard to understand what they will “improve” next. All you can do is try to play the game correctly and hope that you don’t get shadow-banned. By following their rules with your content and keeping any adult links off of your bio, you have a much better shot at longevity. Cross promotion will be your best friend for gaining followers organically and so will taking the time to put some thought into your picture captions. Try out some of the tactics I mentioned in this article and in no time you should see growth and engagement like never before!

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