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Find Your Clipmaking Niche

Find Your Clipmaking Niche

Although clipmaking isn’t new, we’ve recently seen an increase in participation on these sites over the past 5 years. Sites like Clips4Sale have been around since the dawn of the internet (as you can tell by the layout not changing since like 1990.) Scrolling through there is an endless supply of categories ranging from sexual to non sexual and anything in between. With all of these possibilities, how do you find what genre is best for you?

It took me quite some time to figure out what I liked best. Which to me was the most important considering I wasn’t trying to make a fast dollar, whereas some only want to do what will sell. Even if it isn’t enjoyable. This is where I leave it completely up to you to decide what you want to do, enjoy or will tolerate for your paycheck. 

Any unusual strengths are what I try to find for someone first. Are you a good belcher? Are you good at rolling your tongue and making crazy shapes? It sounds extremely ridiculous but the littlest things are fetishes and you can monetize this easily! Surely sexual content does sell but it isn’t the only type of clip there is to profit off of.

Secondly understand that anything can be filmed and sold as porn. Brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, clipping your toenails, cleaning the toilet… you get the idea. This list can get overwhelmingly long. The one thing to add to these clips is situation. Brushing your hair while talking shit, saying they’ll never have hair as beautiful as yours is now a humiliation style clip. 

Once you’ve established what you would like to film or be known for, dive in! Start looking up studios or models on sites that produce the same clips and see how long they are and how much they are charging. In no way are we suggesting you flat out copy someone. However as a newbie this will give you a good idea as to what people are buying and help you feel comfortable in your beginning stages. Look on various websites and bookmark things you like or want to try.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Experimenting with different genres is truly the only way to figure out what makes you happy. Shit if you even want to do something you haven’t seen done before go for it! LOL really anything and anything you can think up someone out there will purchase. It comes down to what you want to be uploading to the internet so make sure you’re proud of it.

Take suggestions from fans that you might not think fit you. For me this was domination/humiliation. I never knew what the hell to say and was fearful I would sound like an idiot. Reluctantly I tried it for a loyal fan and it ended up being one of my best sellers, was so much fun for me after a hard day and honestly not as difficult as I thought. Keeping an open mind and attempting something can only help you grow and learn. 

Finding your favorite genre is not something that happens over night. Clipmaking is a progression that requires dedication, planning, script writing and preparation. While boy/girl might sell amazing for one person it could flop for the next. Sometimes the things we want to make are too artsy and not interesting to the consumers. That’s okay! Trial and error will guide you through this process. Make a spreadsheet of your different genres, track the sales and in no time you’ll be able to focus on what works best for you.

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