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Direct Traffic Between Medias

Direct Traffic Between Medias

For the duration of my adult industry career I’ve been conducting an experiment of sorts advertising my content and how/if people respond to it. What will entice someone to follow me or purchase my new video. Does advertising on social media of any sort really even boost sales?

There are a few creative ways to direct your traffic from one platform to another. I can only speak from my experience so please don’t hesitate to share any ideas you have in the comments section! 

One method I like is the bait with content approach. Most models are not willing to give away videos for free. In my opinion it’s pretty foolish not to. It costs you nothing to incentivize with a clip you have already taken the time and energy to shoot. Picking 2 people who follow you on ____ to win 2 XXX clips of yours is a great way to funnel people from one media to another. If you don’t want to give away any, make a short easy video that you’d be willing to give away in these situations then.

If you’ve been on Instagram long enough, you’ve probably come across a model who has asked fans to tag 3 friends on her photo. This is in the hopes that some of those people will turn into followers after looking at her profile. While it’s pretty fucken ridiculous, (please note I am indeed dissing myself here as I have done this) I’m here to say that it does work. This isn’t something that gets results all the time however so use it sparingly. 

In fact, the whole “getting fans to interact” on your picture comments tactic is a popular trend because we have all seen it work. Captions that ask questions followers can respond to always do the best, so that’s something to think about fitting into your Instagram routine. Captions are just as important as the picture itself.. dare say sometimes more important. 

Twitter is a bit easier as they are the most relaxed on nudity and pornography. Here you can feel free to advertise your other media as you wish, including any and all links. While these strategies I mentioned above are mostly geared towards Instagram there’s no reason you can’t try them on Twitter. We’ve covered Growing Your Twitter Following before and gave some great tips there that can also be useful.

Know each audience is going to be different. You can’t advertise the same way on Instagram as you do Twitter and expect the same turn out. Using incentives like videos and pictures to direct followers from one platform to another will deliver quick results. There is no limit to how many times you can use this type of incentive so get creative! 


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