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Clipmaking 101

Clipmaking 101

Amazingly in the last three years, being a self made clip artist has increased in popularity exponentially. It’s so easy to make your own money online just by having a phone with a decent camera and some creativity. However, navigating through what you should film, how much to charge per clip, what to pay any talent or even what platform to use to sell these clips can be a bit frustrating. If you don’t have any prior experience or someone to learn from, you might have a hard time feeling confident in what you’re charging. Luckily, I’m here to save the fuckin’ day and tell you the secrets of the awesome world that is independent clip making!

  • Price is generally the same worldwide, 1 min = $1.99. If you need examples that would look like this: 8 min video = $8.99 / 20 min = $20.99 / 65 min = $65.99. 
  • You do not need a DSLR or an expensive camera to film and edit your video clips. I started on my iPhone 5s and iMovie. Most purchasers are watching on their phones now instead of strictly on laptops or PCs.
  • Having a tripod of some sort is going to come in handy for places where you can’t set up a good angle with what’s just laying around your house. While I did do that for a long time, take it from me, just order the damn tripod. Trying to set up your phone against a bottle of water isn’t the smartest idea. They make ones that even have bendable legs and are awesome for on the go.
  • Different angles always take a clip from being just good to great instantly. While this is most handy when you have two devices to record on, it is still possible to do with one device. Just make sure to set everything up properly and even go back and watch what you just filmed so you know what you may have to repeat.
  • There are SO many sites and genres to choose from now! Spend some time looking over a few of them and come up with a list of sites and ideas that you’d be comfortable with filming. You’ll be surprised how many various clips there are to be filmed. Some websites boast a more fetish fanbase looking for financial domination or cuckolding while others are into more artsy clip makers and vanilla ideas. 
  • Don’t try to spread yourself out too thin. By that I mean don’t think you need to have a video of every genre and category if that’s not what you want to do. Focusing on one at a time usually leads to more succexxx in general because you’re doing what you’re good at or what sells the best for you. Some clipmakers can get away with trying out every crazy idea that comes to mind and that’s amazing! Just make sure to focus on what works for you.
  • When working with others, please above all else respect this other person’s time. We all have things going on that we may not talk about or plans to get to. They took time out of their day to come together and do something beneficial not only for them but for you, so keep that in mind.  If you’re both shooting the content for your platforms generally (and I’m going to use that term loosely because not everyone does it this way) you would shoot trade. Trade means you don’t pay each other and you both sell it individually and keep your own sales from it. This could mean you both edit it yourself or one edits the footage. That kind of technical stuff would be best to work out before you begin filming so there are no issues. When paying talent, the pricing is generally determined by who you are hiring. People charge differently for their time by the hour due to fan base exposure and having a manager fee that they pay. Some people are freelance while others are talent represented. 
  • You’re going to mess up a lot when filming and it’s normal!  You might start laughing when you’re saying something completely out of character to the camera. One thing to help you when editing is to make some sort of gesture so you know to look for that motion when you are cutting it down. You can wave your hand, call cut, or whatever is easiest for you to look out for.
  • Music is generally not allowed in videos that are trademarked. If you know of a SoundCloud artist you like, I suggest plugging them instead. This takes away from the possibility of you having to deal with copyright issues or the video being removed from your clipstore.
  • Save you videos somewhere! Your hard drive isn’t guaranteed protection against anything including yourself. So do yourself a huge favor and pay for the upgraded Dropbox or use an external device like a USB! Don’t use Google Drive as they can freeze your email account for saving anything adult related. 

Following these 10 tips are recommended but not required! You can absolutely film any way that YOU see fit for yourself. These are just the basic guidelines for those who wish to start without any prior knowledge who can’t afford an expensive producer. There are many people in this industry who make it look so easy but the reality is that this is WORK! You really need to make sure you have the right set up and foundation to be able to be proud of what you put out into the clip making world! Just know that whatever you put your time and energy into can be something that sells amazing for you, and that is a truly rewarding experience. 

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