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Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

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Our goal is to bring you all the information about products and brands you may be interested in. Who better to learn/hear from than fellow sex workers? For your submissions just head over to the contact page and click on the contact link!

This week we have a guest review from Lilly Allegro for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine!

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is the height of luxury as far as sex toys go. If it’s between one of these bad boys and a Sybian, I’ll choose the Hismith machine any day. I’ve used a cheaper (around $100) version before and it got the job done but it was so loud, flimsy, and generally not enjoyable for an audience. I could not believe how quiet, smooth, and powerful this machine was! A+ on all fronts, the remote makes it easy to change settings or stop without having to change positions and ruin the mood, also great for partner play. The Hismith does come with a hefty price tag but I’d say it’s worth it if you’re looking for a reliable quality product that’ll last a long time. There are many different attachments that go with this as well, my favorite is the suction cup plate that I can attach all my current suction dildos to (including Bad Dragon).

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